65 Things That '80s Kids Haven't Thought About In Over 20 Years

    A post for anyone who ever wanted a giant Swatch watch hanging in their bedroom as a kid.

    1. Garfield pencil huggers that were actually really impractical:

    2. Shiny Sandylion stickers:

    3. And Mrs. Grossman's stickers, which always had a cute minimal design:

    4. This Hanna-Barbera logo:

    5. Serendipity books, which had oh-so-'70s-looking covers:

    6. Bruce Coville books with their very late-'80s-looking covers:

    7. Garbage Pail Kids cards, which came wrapped in waxy packaging:

    8. Puffy fabric paints that you would use to decorate T-shirts:

    9. Play tents that would easily fall apart if you moved wrong:

    10. This exact casserole dish that every '80s mom owned:

    11. The F.H.E. logo that appeared before a whole bunch of your favorite VHS tapes:

    12. Wildlife Treasury and the box that you always pinched your fingers on:

    13. The ALF puppets you could get at Burger King:

    14. Nerds cereal that tasted like pure sugar:

    15. The "Right to Say No!" commercial that played all the time during cartoons:

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    16. Trace and color coloring books (which were kinda lame):

    17. Chef Boyardee Tic Tac Toe's pasta:

    18. Tupperware sippy cups that gave a little bit of a plastic flavor to anything you drank out of them:

    19. The Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog:

    20. Bracelet pens, which dried out super quickly:

    21. These change purses that fell apart super quickly:

    22. Animalia, which featured some AMAZING illustrations:

    23. These McDonald's glasses that randomly appeared in your family's kitchen and were faded as heck:

    24. And McDonald's disposable cups that looked like this:

    25. The Fraggle Rock Happy Meal toys that were all sorts of amazing:

    26. Pictionary Junior, which you really never ended up playing right:

    27. The oh-so-cool Fisher-Price Little People Zoo play set:

    28. Nickelodeon's Noozles cartoon series (which was an afternoon staple):

    29. Wacky Winders kite spool that tried to make kite spools cool:

    30. Jerry O'Connell as a kid with superpowers on My Secret Identity:

    31. The Munsters Today, which was a very random reboot of the original The Munsters TV series from the '60s:

    32. The bitchy Tootsie Roll Pop owl:

    33. The bendable hand keychain that would start falling apart within a month:

    34. These weird flashes that you would need to put on the camera:

    35. And real cameras that were made just for kids:

    36. Halogen pendant lights that looked so chic but got so hot that you could cook a pizza under them:

    37. Kitchen glassware...

    38. ...and ceramic containers that came in that country (?) goose design:

    39. Chuck E. Cheese, when he looked like this:

    40. General Foods International Coffee, which you thought was the fanciest coffee ever:

    41. Novelty telephones in the shape of high-heeled pumps, which you also thought were fancy:

    42. The utterly delightful Ralph S. Mouse adaptations that aired on ABC Weekend Specials:

    43. The Muzzy commercial that ran all the time:

    44. Olan Mills photos that looked like this:

    45. Pencil grips that supposedly made it easier to write:

    46. Giggles cookies, which had faces that creeped you out a little:

    47. Pencil sharpeners that looked like this:

    48. Spirograph sets that came in this packaging:

    49. Morris the Cat from the 9Lives cat food commercials:

    50. The Ewoks cartoon series:

    51. Cassette tape storage drawers, which were so much fun to organize:

    52. Metal lunch boxes that would also start rusting kinda quick:

    53. Triangle highlighters that looked so futuristic:

    54. Stores that looked so futuristic 'cause they had a Memphis Group design aesthetic:

    55. The pop artsy and catchy Whatchamacallit commercial:

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    56. Sports bloopers VHS tapes that — for some reason — every family owned:

    57. The Nerf Air Hockey table set, which was never like a real air hockey table:

    58. Puffy stickers that never stuck right to ANYTHING:

    59. Herself the Elf books and toys:

    60. Giant Swatch Watches wall clocks, which were design goals:

    61. Toothpaste toppers:

    62. Metal 3D pin art toys, which always smelled like a bag of nickels:

    63. Ice Capades that featured your favorite cartoon characters:

    64. The Fisher-Price McDonald's Drive-Thru play set, which was just something you NEEDED:

    65. And finally, the "But I'm Drinking Milk" milk ads that really made you believe milk would turn you into a model:

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