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    8 Incredible Fan-Made "Gargoyles" Artworks

    Artist *DigitalTofu has brought the Gargoyles back to life. Now Disney, PLEASE release the DVD’s of Season 2, Volume 2 and Season 3.

    Disney's Gargoyles ran for 65 episodes from 1994-1996, as part of The Disney Afternoon programming block. Most fans remember the series for its dark tone and complex storylines.

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    In keeping with the dark tone of this cult-favorite, artist *DigitalTofu does a fantastic job of updating the look of the characters with a scary edge.

    1. Goliath

    2. Elisa Maza

    3. Brooklyn

    4. Broadway

    5. Lexington

    6. Hudson

    7. Bronx

    8. Demona

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