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    6 Compelling Reasons To Wear A Hip-Hop "Looney Tunes" T-Shirt Today

    These t-shirts were all the rage for a brief moment in the early ‘90s, and it might just be the right time for you to pull them out from the back of your closet.

    In the early '90s "Looney Tunes" tried to be cool by getting a hip-hop makeover. Here are some great reasons why you would want to wear these t-shirts today.

    1. You're secretly still a huge fan of Kris Kross, and you like to rock this t-shirt while you listen to Totally Krossed Out on your iPod.

    2. You wished Looney Tunes had put out a boy band conceptual album. You know Porky is the totally "the bad boy" of the group.

    3. You are a romantic and also you think your girlfriend looks like a chola version of the Tasmanian Devil.

    4. Because you are a baller.

    5. You feel strongly that Marvin the Martian and Foghorn Leghorn are the real badasses of Looney Tunes and are underrepresented.

    6. Because you have a fetish for a cross-dressed Bugs Bunny and you think he looks hot dressed as Left Eye (RIP) from TLC!

    If these reasons are making you want to go out and get one of these t-shirts, you can pick-up the Bugs and Taz "Kris Kross" tee here.