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    50 More Things That If You're Over 34 Will Make You Say, "Oh Crap, I Totally Forgot About That!"

    Again, don't @ me with "I remember all of this and I am 8 years old," 'cause no, you don't!!!

    1. The TV show My Two Dads, but more specifically that sweet car sofa chair they had:

    2. Both the GoBots cartoon and the toys, which were just wannabe Transformers:

    3. The Get Along Gang stuff, which only your grandparents would get you:

    4. McDonald's restaurants which had beige and brown menu boards...

    5. ...and employee uniforms that looked like this:

    6. Also, those Ronald McDonald plastic hand puppets that did nothing but make your hand sweaty:

    7. Webster, which was one of a few TV shows about orphaned kids:

    8. Fisher-Price play food that looked more delicious than it should:

    9. Cabbage Patch Kids Magazine:

    10. Mickey Mouse Splashdance, which was just Mickey and friends jumping on the Flashdance craze:

    11. Nerfuls, which were the perfect bathtub toys:

    12. These Braun alarm clocks that your parents would have on their nightstand:

    13. View-Masters that came in aqua blue:

    14. Serendipity books, which were always VERY '70s looking:

    15. Toys 'R' Us uniforms that had stripes on them:

    16. Barbie carrying cases that were covered in vinyl and smelled oh-so-plasticky:

    17. Disney Read-Along Books and Records, which, depending on the age of the book, came with either a record or a cassette:

    18. Juicers that looked like this and sounded like a lawnmower:

    19. Star-caps for your toy guns:

    20. This Crayola art caddy, which ended up being covered in paint after a few weeks of use:

    21. Going to your nana's and seeing pictures like this on the wall of her guest room...

    22. ...and ~collectable plates~ like this in her living room and china cabinet:

    23. Wicker mirrors, which you thought looked so chic:

    24. Prismatic stickers that you would get from the candy machine at the supermarket:

    25. When there were THREE bakers on the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch:

    26. The babysitter from The Berenstain Bears and the Sitter, who looked like she was going to give Miss Viola Swamp a run for her money:

    27. The Hugga Bunch, which was just creepy AF:

    28. Filmation's Ghostbusters cartoon series, which honestly confused you as to why there were TWO Ghostbusters cartoons:

    29. Paint with Water coloring books that always were just a mess to use:

    30. Sticker Fun books that had those stickers you had to lick that low-key tasted good:

    31. Crystal Light, that your mom loved to buy and that you would drink behind her back:

    32. PB Max, which was like a giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup:

    33. Jewelry boxes with the ~dancing~ ballerina inside of it:

    34. Those milk commercials where the kids glowed up by just drinking milk:

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    35. Nintendo cereal, which tasted like a cross between Cap'n Crunch and Trix:

    36. Purr-Tenders, which was a toy line about a bunch of cats that dressed up like other animals:

    37. The Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe that allowed you to actually make real ice cream:

    38. The Fraggle Rock Happy Meal toys that were all sorts of amazing:

    39. The creepy AF talking ALF doll:

    40. The commercial bumpers the Smurfs would have:

    41. The Fisher-Price doctor's kit that came in a plastic briefcase:

    42. Ziggy cards:

    43. Strawberry Shortcake cut and sew doll that your mom or grandma would make you:

    44. Time Life The '50s cassette collection that your parents would listen to in the car:

    45. Nabisco's Teddy Grahams bears that were dressed like extras in a White Snake video:

    46. These Burger King Return of the Jedi glasses that eventually lost most of the paint on them from washing them too many times:

    47. Sport bloopers VHS tapes that everyone seemed to own:

    48. Pocket Rockers, which were the Hit-Clips of the '80s:

    49. Judy Blume books that came with these covers:

    50. And finally, The Flintstone Kids PSA about wearing your seat belt that you can still remember all the words to by heart:

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