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    If You Were Between The Ages Of 10-16 In The Early 2000s Then These Pictures Will Give You Major Flashbacks

    This whole post smells like Axe body spray and puberty.

    1. Having a hard time deciding what color of Game Boy Advance SP you wanted — then immediately regretting your decision once you decided on one.

    2. Wearing these color bands, but having no idea they meant something sexual.

    3. Always working to perfect your OG mirror selfie.

    4. And taking the selfies with your parents' digital camera.

    5. Watching Garden State and thinking it was really deep.

    6. Having these albums on heavy rotation:

    7. Having like a dozen CD jewel case openers, since you bought one almost every time you went to Tower or Virgin.

    8. Having your parents old hand-me-down late-'90s Nokia as your first cell phone.

    9. Having the hallways at your school smell like a mix of Victoria's Secret Love Spell...

    10. ...and Axe body spray and sweat.

    11. Wanting a Baby-G in every color.

    12. Sipping on an oh-so-delicious Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla...

    13. ...and an oh-so-refreshing Pepsi Twist on hot days.

    14. Trying not to trip and fall while you perfected your mad sick dance skillz, whenever you played DDR with your friends.

    15. Making the most epic and perfect mix CD (from songs you downloaded on LimeWire) and personalizing them with Sharpies.

    16. Having the Fanta jingle stuck in your head, ALL THE TIME.

    17. Inhaling that SMELL any time you walked into an Abercrombie & Fitch at the mall.

    18. Saving the bags from Abercrombie & Fitch to either make book covers or to carry around things at school.

    19. Having The Osbournes...

    20. ...Whose Line Is It Anyway?...

    21. ...and American Idol as your MUST SEE TV.

    22. Decorating the walls of your bedroom with the pictorials and ads from Teen People.

    23. Carrying around an initial purse.

    24. Thinking you were HOT SHIT whenever you wore a Von Dutch trucker hat (or Von Dutch knock-off).

    25. Having very intense play sessions whenever you and your friends played Super Smash Bros. Melee.

    26. Being jealous of that ONE friend who had a DVD and VCR combo TV in their bedroom.

    27. Wanting Paul Frank EVERYTHING.

    28. Hoping during every episode of Lizzie McGuire that Gordo and Lizzie would realize that they were totally meant for each other.

    29. Relating so much to Malcolm.

    30. Thinking Britney and Justin were couple goals.

    31. Feeling like the Windows loading page got a little bit longer every single day.

    32. ~Tripping out~ while listening to music and watching the visualizations on your Windows Media Player.

    33. Grinding to "In da Club"...

    34. ...and "Yeah!" at school dances.

    35. Thinking a rocket lava lamp was the coolest design aesthetic.

    36. Getting excited whenever a new Homestar cartoon showed up online.

    37. Shredding the inside of your mouth whenever you ate an Altoids Sours.

    38. Wearing a Livestrong bracelet until it fell apart.

    39. Thinking you were a badass 'cause you watched Adult Swim.

    40. And finally, begging your parents to get you an iPod and them telling you that you, "Are too young to own something that expensive."