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38 Things You Did In Elementary School That You've Completely Forgotten About

It was all about getting those gold stars!

1. Feeling super special whenever you earned a much coveted Weepul:

2. Having a reading nook — that in reality you wanted to spend all day in:

3. Cardboard pencil books that held your most ~valuable~ possessions (aka fancy erasers and crayons):

4. That feeling of adulation you felt whenever you got a gold star on your homework or test:

5. Learning how to tell time with one of these:

6. Having to cut paper with one of these relics — which really couldn't cut and also hurt your hand:

7. Having to get a hall pass whenever you were late or needed to go to the front office:

8. Using this sharpener — which basically sounded like a chainsaw being revved up:

9. Sitting in one of these not-so-comfortable classics, which, if you had long hair, also meant getting a few strands caught in the screws:

10. Drinking McDonald's Orange Drink (which basically tasted like sugar and very, very, very watered-down orange juice) at school functions:

11. Raising money for the school by selling these delicious chocolate bars...

12. ...and this shiny AF wrapping paper:

13. Playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? during computer lab time:

14. Being issued an old wooden ruler that had maybe a little too much of the metal blade exposed and could, TBH, probably be used as a weapon:

15. Knowing the lesson was going to get serious whenever your teacher pulled down the maps:

16. Saving the best Valentine's Day card from the pack for your BFF or crush:

17. Having flash cards for EVERYTHING:

18. Learning to read with Dick and Jane books...

19. ...and random books that had stories that made no sense:

20. Feeling cool whenever you got to write on the chalkboard with the teacher's chalk holder:

21. Or helping the teacher make perfect lines with one of these:

22. Drinking chocolate milk from those teeny-tiny cartons:

23. Eating everything with a spork:

24. Trying to use these glue bottles that looked like they had been around since the early ’70s:

25. Getting frustrated whenever you tried to open the top window with one of these:

26. Having about two minutes of fun playing tetherball (before the whole thing wrapped around the pole):

27. Having a set of cursive instructions at the top of the chalkboard:

28. And using your finger for a space when you first learned to write:

29. Being the kid in charge of handing out the calculators when it was math time — and best of all, having this snazzy carrier to hand them out with:

30. These weird bathroom sinks:

31. These old-school soap dispensers that were filled with that powdery pink soap:

32. Reading lots of books in order to get free Pizza Hut pizza:

33. Bringing home a monthly cafeteria calendar:

34. Having your classroom and school library decorated in new and old "Read" posters:

35. Having your book stamped anytime you checked something out from the school library:

36. Square pizza that tasted sorta like pizza:

37. Chewing disclosing tablets so that you could see how good a job you were doing at brushing your teeth:

38. And finally, getting hit in the face with one of these while playing kickball: