33 Childhood Things Nobody Under The Age Of 32 Will Understand

    Remember when you used to think that a Dancing Coke Can was the coolest thing ever?

    1. Not being able to get enough of this oh-so-delicious sugary delight:

    2. Basically getting a cavity anytime you chewed on a piece of Wild Strawberry Bubblicious bubble gum.

    3. Being more than a little creeped out by Duckula.

    4. And also, being creeped out by Domino's rage-filled the Noid.

    5. Getting excited whenever your parents bought you BOTH a Happy Meal and a box of cookies at McDonald’s.

    6. Getting weirded out when you'd see these in the McDonald's Playland:

    A Filet-O-Fish come to life with the body of a fish and a creepy AF tree that looked like it was planning on eating you — all nightmare fuel!!!

    7. Really wanting McKids clothing 'cause it seemed cool.

    8. Having a frustrating time playing Pictionary Junior because the laminated cards were hard to draw on.

    9. Thinking the Dancing Coke Can was the coolest thing ever.

    10. Thinking you were hot shit 'cause you had a mini-gumball machine.

    11. Connecting your Nintendo with one of these:

    12. Having a Velcro wallet to carry around your lunch money in.

    13. Running home from school to catch the afternoon cartoons on USA Cartoon Express.

    14. Trying to "paint" one of these with water:

    15. Putting quarters into the Flintstones' Lucky Egg machine just to hear Fred say, "Yabba Dabba Doo! Dino loves you!"

    16. Low-key wanting Zack the Lego Manic's cool AF bedroom!

    17. Collecting puffy stickers that smelled like plastic.

    18. Getting excited whenever you got a new set of Shrinky Dinks.

    It did always result with you burning your fingers from touching them too soon after you pulled them out of the oven.

    19. Satisfying your Who Framed Roger Rabbit obsession by getting a Roger stuffed animal.

    20. Having a collection of stencils for both school projects and for your own art projects.

    21. Thinking 7-Up's Fido Dido was a bad-ass mascot.

    22. Using pencil sharpeners shaped like TVs as TVs for your toys.

    Your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles probably watched a lot of TV when not fighting Shredder and the Foot Clan.

    23. Realizing that stepping on a Play Skool Bristle Block was kinda worse than stepping on a Lego.

    24. Playing with these rubber balls that were filled with glitter and/or confetti — and also smelled like ass:

    25. Popping the lid off a metal tin can of Quik with a spoon.

    26. Playing with this tree house and thinking it was part of the Fisher-Price Little People line.

    27. Getting zero protection from the sun whenever you wore one of these visors.

    28. Passing the time by playing with a sewing card.

    29. Being obsessed with sliming your toys/

    It was a pain to put the slime back in the canister though.

    30. Randomly finding Tang Trio PVC figures in your toy box.

    31. Putting up a plastic character tent in your room.

    32. Knowing that your birthday meant getting an awesome cake made with a character pan.

    It was also made of 95% icing.

    33. And finally, having your grandparents mail you comics (usually The Family Circus) they cut out of the paper 'cause they thought you would find it funny.