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32 Essential Toys Every '80s Preschooler Had

Or at least played with.

1. Glo Worm

2. Fisher-Price Gas Pump

3. See 'N Say Farmer Says

4. Fisher-Price Record Player

5. Colorforms

6. Fisher-Price Medical Kit

7. Gumby

8. Mini Piano

9. Mickey Mouse Talking Phone

10. Sit' n Spin

This thing was a basically a step above playing with an empty box, cause it didn't do anything other than spin, but somehow, it still provided hours of entertainment.

11. Care Bears

12. Fisher-Price Family Farm

13. Fisher-Price Music Box Teaching Clock

14. E.T. Vinyl Doll

15. Poppin' Pals

16. Smurfs Play Camera

17. Monchhichis

18. View-Master

19. Fisher-Price Cash Register

20. Tree Tots Family Tree House

21. Rub-A-Dub Dog

22. Fisher-Price Little People Play Family House

In the '80s, the Little People upgraded themselves to some pretty posh homes (blame the yuppies?). Yes they were the exact same house, but most kids were either Team Yellow Roof or Team Tudor House.

23. My Buddy and Kid Sister

You know why you wanted one of these dolls? Because of the jingle from the commercial, which probably still lingers in the deep recesses of your mind.

24. Fisher-Price Tape Recorder

25. Snoopy Sno-cone Machine

26. Fisher-Price Magic Burner Play Stove Top Range

27. Sweet Pickles Bus

28. Little Boppers

These were basically like those dancing flowers that moved to music, expect they went one step further and actually moved around and danced. Yup, DANCED!

29. Speak & Spell

30. Popples

31. Fisher-Price Parking Ramp Service Center Parking Garage

32. Big Wheels

Hands down the best toy a preschooler could hope to get and play with. Sure, you probably fell off this thing more times than you could remember, but it really was your first taste of freedom and playing like a big kid.