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    31 Awesome ’90s Toys You Never Got, But Can Totally Buy Today

    Come on, admit it: You still want that Talkboy!

    1. Super Soaker 50


    The iconic air-powered water blaster that started it all. You can pick up a new one starting around $80.

    2. Totally Hair Barbie


    The best-selling Barbie of all time. A mint condition doll in the box starts around $40.

    3. Talkboy and Talkgirl,

    Probably the greatest movie tie-in ever. A Talkboy in working condition starts at about $30.

    Now good luck finding cassette tapes to go with it.

    4. Tamagotchi


    You can get an original mint-condition Tamagotchi for around $42.

    But, even better, there is an app version.

    5. Sky Dancers


    These much-prized toys start around $12 for a used one, and go up to $104 for a doll in mint condition in the box.

    6. Nintendo 64


    A working console with a controller starts around $90. Also, you might want to pick up GoldenEye 007 while you're at it.

    7. Bop It


    The original Bop It starts at around $14.

    8. Spice Girls dolls


    I'll tell you what you want, what you really really want...these dolls! The entire set in mint condition goes for around $62.

    9. Crossfire


    So, I have no idea how to play this, or what it's even about, but the commercial made it sound like this was one epic battle royal. The '90s edition of the game, with all the pieces, starts at around $75.

    10. Polly Pocket


    Good News: They still make Polly Pocket.

    Bad News: She got a weird kandi kid raver makeover.

    You can get an original Polly Pocket starting around $16.

    11. Talking Baby Sinclair


    You can pick up a used doll for around $40 — which, when you think about it, really is a small price to pay to hear "not the mama" whenever you want.

    12. Moon Shoes


    They still make them! You can get a pair for $25.

    13. Mighty Max: Skull Mountain


    The best Mighty Max playset will cost you around $40.

    14. Sega Game Gear


    You can get an updated brand-new Sega Master System, which comes preloaded with 30 games from both Sega and Sega Game Gear, for $50.

    15. Treasure Trolls


    The original '90s editions of these fugly dolls start at $5.

    16. Nickelodeon Time-Blaster Radio Alarm Clock


    OK, it's not a toy, but look at this awesome thing! You can get a working one, in good condition, starting around $12.

    17. Creepy Crawlers


    You can get the '90s edition of this longtime kids favorite for around $30.

    18. American Girl Dolls

    While these '90s status symbol dolls are still being produced today, its two most popular dolls have been discontinued. A brand-new Felicity doll starts at $349, while a brand-new Samantha doll starts at $200.

    19. Fisher-Price Great Adventures Castle


    A brand-new, still-in-the-box castle will cost you a king's ransom! OK, more like $300.

    20. Tickle Me Elmo


    The ultimate fad toy of the '90s starts around $9.

    21. Nickelodeon Gak


    Gak has made a triumphal return after being discontinued for over a decade. You can get it for $7.

    22. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


    You can find brand-new reproductions of the original TMNT action figures for $12, while a reproduction of the Party Wagon goes for $50.

    23. Talking Rugrat Dolls


    These Nickelodeon favorites start at $19.

    24. Playmobil Victorian House


    This amazing playset in used but like-new condition will set you back $420.

    25. Street Sharks


    These bad boys go for around $25.

    26. Batman: Wayne Manor and Batcave Command Center Playset,

    A playset in good condition starts around $40.

    27. Easy-Bake Oven


    You can pick up the '90s edition of this perennial favorite for around $40.

    28. Furby


    The creepiest toy of the '90s starts around $25.

    29. Skip-It

    They still make these! While it has does have slight update — a light-up feature — the rest of the toy is the essentially the same. You can get one for $6.

    And remember, "There's a counter on this ball, so try to beat your very best score, see if you can jump a whole lot more!"

    30. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


    An unopened action figure starts at $23 — so, "Go go, Power Rangers!"

    31. Beanie Babies


    A steal at just 99 cents each.

    Yes. I know. This was someone's 401(k).

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