30 Toys From The ’90s You Might’ve Forgotten About

Because it wasn’t all about Power Rangers, Furbies, and Beanie Babies.

1. Bucky O’Hare

The short lived early ’90s cartoon, Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars! spanned a seriously awesome toy line.

2. Vac-Man

The popular 1970s toy, Stretch Armstrong, was given an arch-nemesis in the early ’90s, who let’s be honest, was way cooler than old Stretch.

3. Sally Secrets

One word: STICKERS!

4. Monster in My Pocket

These bad boys were awesome, until you stepped on one barefoot.

5. The Incredible Crash Dummies

The only toy line to based on a PSA campaign.

6. Betty Spaghetty

Betty was an awesome blend of Mr. Potato Head and Bratz dolls.

7. Starlight Horses

Ponies are little girl crack.

8. Yo-Yo Ball

9. Krystal Princess Dolls

Snow globes you could play with.

10. Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa

Based on the short-lived animated series of the same name, this toy line was rather small, consisting of just 10 action figures.

11. Micro Machines ZBots

Unlike other popular toy lines of the ‘90s, ZBots were not associated with a cartoon, comic book, or movie; they relied solely on the Micro Machine brand to promote sales.

12. Pooch Patrol

13. Quints

The only toy line that could also double as a TLC series.

14. Splash Out

A summer staple — if you didn’t have a pool.

15. Peter Pan & the Pirates


Based on the crappy animated series.

16. The Talking Family Dollhouse

This house was all fun and games — until it started talking in the middle of the night.

17. 2-XL

This genius robot was also the co-host of the game show Pick Your Brain.

18. Talking Urkel Doll

Sadly this existed.

19. Secret Keepins

Secret Keepins were a series of plush animals that had plastic jeweled boxes in their tummies, which could only be open with a key. Basically the perfect place to hide your stash.

20. Disney Perfume Princesses dolls

21. Exosquad

The toy line was based on the popular sci-fi animated series Exosquad.

22. Bouncin’ Kids

23. Kitty, Kitty, Kittens

24. James Bond Jr.

This successful toy line actually lasted longer than the animated series it was based on.

25. VR Troopers

The series and the toys never lived up to success of the Power Rangers franchise.

26. Boglins

Boglins tried to capitalize on the success of the very popular Madballs.

27. Hot Wheels Attack Pack

Produced from 1992-1994, the line consisted of cars, trucks, and airplanes that with a push of button transformed into monsters.

28. The Pirates of Dark Water

29. Aladdin action figures

The rare toy line that was actually gender neutral.

30. Magic Potty Baby

This doll was just plain gross.

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