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29 Things You'll Totally Understand If You Once Couldn't Live Without Your iPod

"All I want is iTunes gift cards for my birthday!" —You circa 2005

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1. Immediately ripping a brand new CD onto your iTunes so that you could listen to it on your iPod (even though it would've been easier and faster to just put it in a CD player).

2. Or immediately downloading a new single or album (at midnight) so that you could sync it to your iPod.

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3. Uploading covers (if they didn't automatically download) onto your iTunes, so that you could see the album artwork whenever you clicked onto a song or album you liked.

4. Being careful not to click on the wheel to hard or else you'd skip past the artist or album you were searching for.

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5. Finding a place were you could display your iPod as it charged — since it came with a charging stand that looked like something from the future.

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6. Having to charge it with one of these large power adaptors — which were a pain to put into the wall if the outlet was behind some furniture.

7. Debating about what kind of case you wanted for it. Hard plastic, silicone, pleather...the choices were endless!

8. Wanting one of these bad boys, but mainly because of the remote:

9. Having to manually mange your music once you started to run out of storage space on your iPod. Basically you removed songs you didn't care for or never listened to.

10. Clicking on the wheel to give your favorite tracks star ratings.

11. Having to have a transmitter...

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12. ...or a cassette adaptor if you wanted to listen to your iPod in the car.

13. Making sure you listened to your favorite songs in their entirety so that they would get the play count and remain in your top 25 playlist.

14. Having to fix songs that had more than one artist listed on it so that it would play in the correct order within an album.

15. Freaking out if you couldn't find an album you had just paired onto your iPod, only to discover that is was listed under compilations.

16. Editing the playtime on songs so that you wouldn't have to listen to extra stuff added to a track or weird silences between songs.

17. Adjusting the volume to songs you got from LimeWire MP3s or older CDs so that it would match the volume of songs you downloaded from iTunes.

18. Adjusting the loudness on your iPod so that you could make it even louder.

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19. Being afraid of losing or breaking your headphones 'cause they were expensive AF to replace.

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20. Wanting every color of iPod Nanos available (even if you were a diehard Classic person).

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21. Using a program like Senuti to transfer the songs and playlists on your iPod to a new computer.


22. Creating your own genre of music (which basically created a whole other type of playlist).

23. Having a bunch of playlists on your iPod that were exactly or under 80 minutes because they were mixes you had burned onto CDs.

24. Getting pissed whenever you'd forget to sync to your iPod.

25. Feeling so cool whenever you watched a movie (that you most likely ripped from a DVD) on your iPod. Even if you did sorta strain your eyes in the process.

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26. Basically asking for just iTunes Music Cards for birthdays and holidays.

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27. Having a moment of panic whenever you had to reset a frozen iPod.

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28. Keeping the giant ass box that the iPod came in for absolutely no reason.

29. And finally, feeling superior over anyone who owned a Zune.

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