29 Stylish Home Accessories Under $100 To Upgrade Any Guy’s Pad

It doesn’t take a lot of money to add a lot of style to your space.

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1. Candle, $6


Nothing sets a mood better than candles, and this one is both masculine and unscented, which is perfect for anyone who is allergic to and/or hates synthetic scents.

2. Patchwork Side Table, $90

This side table is a nice mix of both rustic and industrial. Plus the drawer is a perfect spot to store everything from those extra remotes to condoms.

3. Throws, $27-$49


A nice way to add a splash of color to your living room, with little commitment. Also, it is the perfect thing to snuggle under with your S.O. on a chilly evening.

4. Foliage Welded Bowl, $40

The sculpture design of this bowl looks good on its own just sitting on your coffee table, or filled with fruit in the kitchen.

5. Metal Porthole Mirror, $90

A mirror outside of your bathroom is an essential. Bonus: They make small spaces look bigger.

6. Linear Brushed Silver Mix & Match Lamp, $20-$42

Invest in a nice table lamp, because nothing is more of a mood killer than bad lighting.

7. Scout Doormat, $45

Keep the dirt out of your place with this cheeky doormat.

8. Beech Wood Tree Hooks, $20

Hang one of these by your front door and you will never lose your keys again.

9. Ottomans, $47-$56


Perfect for putting your feet on (instead of your coffee table), extra seating, and, if you live in a small space, extra STORAGE.

10. Accent Pillows Covers, $35-$39


Move beyond the matching pillows that come with your sofa and add a punch of color and pattern to your living room with one of these.

Best of all, you’ll only need one or two to achieve a big effect.

11. Floor Lamps, $65-$100


These lamps are great not just for lighting, but also to add visual interest to your room.

12. Italian Army Wool Blankets, $60

This 100% wool blanket not only looks good, but it will keep you warm and toasty on cold nights.

13. Wall Coat Rack, $75

This coat rack is perfect for small places. Keep it looking good by trying not to clutter it with too many coats.

14. Fjällsta Frames, $15-$40


Nobody makes better well-priced picture frames than Ikea. Plus they come pre-matted, which will instantly make any picture you put in it look more expensive.

15. Industrial Task Table Lamps, $79

These lamps not only look great on desks, but work well as bedside table lamps.

16. Clear Plastic Pump Bottles, $5


Don’t overlook soap dispensers. They add visual interest to your bathroom or kitchen sink.

17. Glass Tumblers and Wineglass Sets, $20-$25


Matching glassware is a must, but you don’t need to break the bank for a nice set. These are both good looking and well priced.

18. Schmidt Brothers Starter Knife Set with Block, $90

Good quality knives are a lifetime investment, and even if you’re not a big cook, these are great to have on hand for everything from slicing fruit and bread to cutting steak.

Bonus: These look great sitting on your kitchen counter.

19. International Movie Posters, $22


If you want to decorate with movie posters, separate yourself from the pack and go for international movie posters. Not only are they unique, but some, like Polish-designed movie posters, are really pieces of art.

And don’t forget: Frame them.

20. Toothbrush Holder, $7


Keep your bathroom looking clean and tidy with this acrylic toothbrush holder.

21. Trash Basket, $25

Let’s be honest, trash cans are pretty utilitarian, but this one by Ikea is nicely designed and is something you likely won’t get tired of looking at.

Also, do your guests and toilet a favor and keep a trash can in the bathroom.

22. World Globe, $80


Add some old-fashioned gentleman’s club flare with these metallic globes.

23. Metal Jar, $13


Perfect for storing those boring essentials in your kitchen or bathroom.

24. Chevron Shower Curtain, $40

A nice and simple shower curtain will add a lot of impact to your bathroom.

25. Color-Coordinated Plain Hand Towels, $6


Keep your towels a nice, neutral color to achieve a spa-like feel.

Also, try to keep a few on hand and change them out frequently to avoid them getting weird smells.

26. Laundry Bag, $39

Toss your dirty clothes into one of these cool-looking laundry bags and not on the floor.

27. Newgate Alarm Clock, $40

These retro alarm clocks will bring some warmth and charm to your bedroom, which is something you can’t get from a smart phone.

28. Accent Rugs, $80-$99

Glass Tumblers


Accent rugs are a perfect way to keep stains away from high-traffic areas, and also a nice way to bring color and pattern to a room.

29. Duvet Cover Sets, $50-$99


One area where you should splurge is on your bedsheets, but feel free to skimp on the duvet. You’re likely to get tired of your duvet quicker, and it’s also a magnet for stains and dirt (especially if you have pets who like to jump on your bed).

But don’t forget: Make your bed. It will make any potential guests sleeping over happy.

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