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29 Memes That Are Too Real For ’80s Kids

For anyone who is still haunted by the theme song to Unsolved Mysteries.

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1. Falling down built character:

John Preito / Getty Images

2. Still one of life's greatest mysteries:

Disney–ABC Domestic Television

3. Really any cassette tape was made better with Teddy Ruxpin lip-synching along:

4. This T-shirt just magically appeared in your closet one day:

5. It's the only explanation as to why Duke Sigmund Igthorn wanted to get his hands on it so bad:


6. Those eyes. THOSE. CREEPY. EYES:

7. "May the odds be ever in your favor" (of getting the scent you wanted):

8. When you first experienced deception:

DreamWorks Classics/ Sony Pictures Television

9. These also smelled so gross inside:

10. These were the REAL Decepticons:

11. Lion-O was TOTALLY you watching this episode:

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

12. Learning the songs to movies you've never even seen:

13. Let's be honest, you probably still can't listen to this theme song:


14. The only reason to go to the supermarket with your parents:

15. In 2015, Jerrica would totally be checking to see if Rio had an Ashley Madison account:


16. Return to Oz is still one of the creepiest films EVER:

Walt Disney Studios

17. So much chalky strawberry goodness:

Ebay / Via

18. Did this even bounce?


19. What did you expect of Small Wonder? It aired at 2:30 p.m. on syndication:

Antenna TV

20. Everyone knew someone like this:

Manchester Daily Express / Getty Images

21. Trying to breathe with these masks wasn't easy either:

Photo by thepeachmartini via Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: thepeachmartini

22. You always slid, even if you knew it was going to burn like hell:


23. The plasticky scent was addictive:

24. Speaking of which, it's 2015 and where are the hoverboards?!

Universal Pictures

25. It wasn't an '80s kids film unless you were crying:

Universal Pictures

26. Remember when Punky saved Cherie's life when she got trapped and suffocated in the fridge?

NBC / Getty Images

27. Your palms are probably getting sweaty just seeing this:

28. "Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high..."

PBS Television

29. Admit it, you totally shipped them:

Warner Bros.

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