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28 "This Pride Month I’m Partnering With..." Tweets That'll Remind You That Gay Twitter Is The Funniest Thing On The Internet

"As a gay kid, I always felt like a disappointment, which is why this Pride Month, I'm partnering with the New York Jets."

Pride season is fully upon us, which means one thing: Companies reaching out to LGBTQ+ influencers to partner up with them to make money off Pride.

And recently, the very funny LGBTQ+ people over on Twitter had a little fun with the whole partnership thing and started tweeting imaginary joke partnerships they were going to have during Pride.

So, I rounded up 28 "partnering with" tweets that'll have you laughing:

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as a queer teenager, i was bullied for dating a girl. they called me a “carpet muncher.” that’s why this pride month i’m partnering with Stanley Steemer the Carpet Cleaner—

Twitter: @mabbylmao


as a gay man growing up, i struggled with coming out to my family, which is why i’m so excited this pride month to be partnering with the Olive Garden, because when you're here you're family.

Twitter: @anthonydmusa


as a gay teenager, i never felt like i had the proper tools to succeed. that’s why, for this pride month, i’ve partnered with home depot,

Twitter: @kycarrerolopez


as a bisexual woman in a relationship with a man, I’m despised by the straight and LGBT+ communities alike. That’s why, this Pride, I’m partnering with James Corden

Twitter: @rhiannoneshaw


As a gay black woman who grew up in a cult, I was afraid to come out of the closet. That’s why this month I’m partnering with IKEA to build my dream closet

Twitter: @simply_lay_


As a lesbian, I’m used to being unable to tell what is and isn’t a date. Consequently, this pride I’m partnering with Microsoft Excel

Twitter: @RealDJCthulhu


As a gay man who uses PrEP to prevent HIV infection, I always dread the tests and the vials of blood drawn from me every few months. That’s why this Pride month, I’m partnering with Theranos to —

Twitter: @SouthernHomo


As a lesbian, I’m used to strangers assuming that my wife is my sister. Which is why, this pride month I’m so excited to be partnering with 23andMe

Twitter: @stevieboebi


When I was younger, I was in the closet, hiding the most important parts of myself from the world. That’s why this month I’m partnering with Deutsche Bank.

Twitter: @TylerDinucci


as a baby queer figuring it all out, i made doubtful aesthetic choices, struggled with reliability, and even tended towards spontaneous explosion. that’s why, this pride month, i’m partnering with Tesla

Twitter: @hannahlchinn


As a bisexual immigrant woman of color nobody showed me how to navigate the world. That’s why this month I’m partnering with Google Maps-

Twitter: @sanjanacurtis


As a bisexual, I'm used to being invisible, ignored or flat out told I don't exist. So this pride month I've decided to team up with Covid-19.

Twitter: @Travon


As a trans woman of color, dealing with desirability politics makes it so hard to get railed...and that's why this Pride month I'm partnering with Amtrak,

Twitter: @krishuponastar


In all honestly I was bullied so bad in school for being gay. I was called homophobic slurs and once a kid picked me up and threw me in a trash can. That’s why this pride I’m partnering with GLAD trash bags

Twitter: @DylanAdler6


As an asexual person, I sometimes feel invisible in the LGBTQ+ community. That's why this pride month, I'm partnering with Durex: So thin, they're almost invisible!

Twitter: @VenusEnvyDrag


as an asexual aromantic chinese american, i have been infantilized by the media for my whole life. that’s why, this pride month, i’m partnering with gerber baby products,

Twitter: @annzhao_


As a lesbian, I love eating out. That’s why this pride month I’m partnering with DoorDash…

Twitter: @drunkhaught


As a bisexual man of colour, my big brown package is always ready for overnight service… so that’s why this Pride month—I’m partnering with UPS

Twitter: @MediumSizeMeech


As a bisexual Latina, I've been stereotyped all my life as fierce and spicy. That's why this pride month, I'm partnering with Tabasco—

Twitter: @mtlajeunesse


growing up as a queer person, I had to fight tooth and nail just to feel accepted and loved. that's why this pride month i'm partnering with The Vitamin Shoppe to bring you new enamel health gummies to keep your teeth and nails slaying yasss mama gawd

Twitter: @mathewrodriguez


As a gay kid, I always felt like a disappointment, which is why this pride month, I'm partnering with the New York Jets

Twitter: @straussanator


As a bisexual woman, I’ve often been bullied for “going both ways” when it comes to romantic partners. That’s why this Pride Month, I’m partnering with El Paso hard and soft shell tacos. Porque no los —

Twitter: @fizzylyss


As a queer latinx, I've been called fruity all my life. That's why this pride month, I'm partnering with Untied Fruit Company—

Twitter: @allanciaga


As a gay kid, I grew up never feeling like I was properly armed to take on the battles the world would throw at me. That’s why, this Pride month, I’m partnering with Lockheed-Martin.

Twitter: @MajorPhilebrity


As a gay kid I felt I was carrying around a secret that could come bursting out of my chest at any moment. That’s why this Pride month I’m partnering with the good folks at Weyland-Yutani to-

Twitter: @ghweldon


As a demisexual, I've always felt frustrated at people insist on asking me what my type is when my attraction is centered on emotional connection. That's why this Pride Month I'm partnering with Demi Lovato for a remake of Camp Rock in which I'll star as a demisexual lead...

Twitter: @kuda_nyangoni


As a brown gay man growing up in the LDS church and attending BYU I had to take very calculated risks. That’s why this Pride season I am partnering with Texas Instruments calculators to

Twitter: @brockbolen


as a gay man, it took me a long time to understand that coming out is a process. every time i came out again, i was still terrified of being publicly rejected. that's why, this pride month, i'm partnering with morbius (2022)

Twitter: @areverty

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