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    28 Fashion Items Every Guy Needs For Spring And Summer Under $100

    Because you need more than just flip flops to make it through the summer.

    1. Slim-Fit Indigo Oxford, $55

    This deep shade of blue has been popping up everywhere, and this shirt, by Everlane, is the perfect way to incorporate the color into your wardrobe.

    Plus, the solid color will give you a break from all the plaid.

    2. Sweatshirt, $19.90

    This is the perfect layering piece for those chilly spring nights. While many companies make a version of this sweater (at every end of the price spectrum), this one from Uniqlo is probably the best.

    3. Warby Parker Haskell, $95

    4. Nautical Sweaters, $69.50

    Striped sweaters are a classic that you can dress both up and down.

    5. Zig Zag Plimsolls, $28

    Their clean, simple design and 100% canvas upper make these the perfect spring/summer shoe.

    6. Oxford shirts, $24.99

    This preppy staple looks good with everything, from khakis and jeans to shorts.

    7. Slim-Fit Jeans, $69.95

    Dark denim is always classic, but If you've been going hard on them, give it a break with these lighter jeans. Also, unlike the whiskered washed denim of the early 2000s, these jeans have a natural broken-in look.

    Tip: Keep these jeans for daytime only. Unlike dark denim, these do not look good dressed up.

    8. Short Sleeve Button-Down, $39.95

    You can never go wrong with the short sleeve button-down, just keep it slim to avoid looking like a frat boy. Get it the blue one here and the green one here.

    9. Chino Shorts, $29.90

    A few pairs of shorts will go a long way toward keeping your spring and summer vibe looking versatile. Just make sure they don't go below the knee or are super baggy, because you don't want to end up like Seth Rogen in Knocked Up when Paul Rudd describes him as looking like a "cholo at Easter."

    10. Backpack, $65

    Upgrade your backpack to something that not only looks office appropriate, but is also rugged.

    11. Slim-Fit Denim Shirt, $29.90

    12. Neutral Khakis, $59.99

    Wearing brightly colored khakis can be risky, but these, by Gap, are a nice way to add a hint of color without looking like you're vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard.

    13. Canvas and Leather Belt, $29.95

    You have to keep your pants up somehow, right?

    14. Desert Boots, $65

    15. Horizontal Stripe Shirts, $60-$41

    This horizontal striped shirt is right on trend.

    16. Levi's Denim Jacket, $89

    17. Heathered T-Shirts, $11.50

    Simple staples like these will get you a lot of mileage, so stock up.

    18. Timex Weekender Watch, $34.99

    19. Boat Shoe, $95

    Over the past several years the classic boat shoe has reclaimed it's spot as a menswear essential, and, of course, you can't go wrong with the original that started it all, Sperry Top-Sider.

    20. No-Show Socks (6 pairs), $22

    21. ASOS Albert Chambray Short Sleeve Shirt, $73

    22. Swim Shorts, $12.99 for solid and $17.99 for striped

    For $13 you can probably afford to snag a couple of pairs in solid colors, which you can then match with your tropical drink of choice when lounging by the pool.

    23. Hunter's Tote Bag, $35

    These bags by L.L. Bean are perfect for everything from a day at the beach, to a overnight bag.

    24. Cotton Blazer, $69.90

    Perfect for date nights or any slightly dressier nighttime event.

    Tip: Spend a few extra bucks and get it tailored. You can turn this $70 into something that looks like it costs 4x as much.

    25. Lightweight Water Resistant Coat, $39.99

    Because you never know when a summer rain is going to hit, so be prepared.

    26. Military Bomber Jacket, $43

    27. Cardigan, $39.99

    You can never go wrong with a lightweight cardigan.

    28. Madras Shirt, $37.50

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