28 Unforgettable Back-To-School Things All Early-'00s Tween Girls Did

    Back when the only designer brand you rocked were Limited Too.

    1. Making sure you started off the year with a cool AF backpack (usually a Kipling or one that looked like it):

    2. And finding a ~cool~ keychain to attach to your backpack:

    3. Buying three or four of these oh-so-whimsical pens:

    4. Getting a clear, slip-front binder so that you could collage the hell out of it with photos and magazine cutouts:

    5. Getting a few pairs of Soffes for gym class:

    6. Picking up an extra Claire's body glitter roll-on so you could keep one in your locker for after gym class:

    7. Tearing the looks out of Teen People or Teen Vogue for outfits you wanted to try:

    8. Buying a pack of these markers from the Limited Too — that you were then too afraid to use since you didn't want to waste them:

    9. Adding metallic Sharpies to your back-to-school supplies list, even though you knew you'd never use them for school work:

    10. Trying to find plastic book covers in the colors that you liked and ending up buying a pack just for a color or two:

    11. Begging your mom to pack Cherry Vanilla Cokes in your lunch:

    12. Buying a few of these slippers to rock with your new shorts or gauchos:

    13. Picking up a new bottle of this scent as your daily go-to fragrance:

    14. Or one from Bath & Body Works (usually the sweetest-smelling one):

    15. Getting a bottle of Love Spell as your "nighttime scent," aka the one you would wear to a school dance:

    16. Picking up a pack or two of earrings at Claire's:

    17. Getting a brand-new diary so that you could document all the middle school drama:

    18. Adding a couple of fresh Paul Frank tees to your T-shirt collection:

    19. Making sure you had perfect skin by using this (and, yes, ruining a few towels in the process):

    20. Slathering yourself in this smelly stuff in order to give yourself "healthy glow" for the first day of school:

    21. Buying locker organizers and accessories 'cause you wanted to personalize it and make it actually functional:

    22. Making sure you got colorful composition books:

    23. Buying a few packs of these 'cause you told yourself you'd be more organized this semester:

    24. Getting a brand-new wallet that basically only carried your school ID:

    25. Selecting the perfect brand-new AOL screen name 'cause your old one was just not you anymore:

    26. Getting a stick or two of glitter lipgloss 'cause you couldn't have enough glitter:

    27. Getting an initial pleater purse 'cause it was a necessary fashion statement:

    28. And finally, picking out the perfect first day back outfit (usually something you got from Limited Too):