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    27 Times Kim Kardashian Got Hilariously Roasted On "KUWTK"

    Really, the show should be called Keeping Up With Those Kim Roasts.

    1. The time that Kris brought up Kim's not-so-hit single, "Jam (Turn It Up)":

    2. The time Khloé reminded everyone that before Kim appeared on the cover of Vogue, she had appeared on the cover of another illustrious publication:


    3. And then when Khloé let Kim know just how much she enjoyed her Vogue issue:


    4. The time Kris literally sipped tea as she shaded Kim’s short-lived marriage:

    5. And the time Kris brought up the short-lived marriage again and straight-up left Kim speechless:

    6. The time MJ took a jab at Kim's marriage:

    7. The time Scott pointed out where the family's assets really come from:


    8. The time that Kourtney was there to put some perspective on Kim's crises:


    9. The time Khloé offered up a backhanded compliment:

    10. The time Kourtney realized she should've just used Google Translate:

    11. The time Kim unwittingly set herself up for the joke:


    12. The time Kourtney called out Kim's priorities:

    13. And the time Khloé made fun of Kim's priorities as well:

    14. The time Kris didn't mince words and left Kim speechless:

    15. The time Scott reminded Kim why she shouldn't judge other people's relationships:


    16. The time Scott had sage advice for Kim before her wedding to Kanye:


    17. The time Kourtney made this observation about Kim's derrière:

    18. And the time Kourtney wasn't having it:

    19. The time Scott reminded Kim of what tax bracket she's in:


    20. The time Kris brought up Kim's sex tape:

    21. The time Scott pointed out the hardships of Kim's short married life:


    22. The time Kourtney was happy to burst Kim's moment of joy:

    23. The time Scott gave some sartorial commentary about Kim's outfit:


    24. The time Khloé was maybe reading too many internet conspiracy theories:

    25. The time Rob pointed out how much Kim enjoyed spending time with her family:

    26. The time Kourtney didn't seem too worried that Kim might have been hurt:


    27. And finally, the time all Kourtney could do was laugh (but LBH, wouldn't you):