23 Signs Jane Lane From “Daria” Is Your Spirit Animal

Basically, you’re already over this list.

1. You know that there is no such thing as a bad place to take a nap:

MTV/ Viacom / Via valeria-wolf.tumblr.com

2. Or a bad time:

3. You always have great weekend plans:

MTV/ Viacom / Via rebloggy.com

4. You’re not afraid to poke fun at your friends, every once in a while:

MTV/ Viacom

5. You know how to make an exit:

6. And you always have a valid reason why you need to leave:

MTV/ Viacom

7. It can be awkward when other people show emotion around you:

8. You have a very unique way of seeing the world:

MTV/ Viacom

9. And you sometimes struggle in finding a way to share your vision:

MTV/ Viacom

10. Sheltering children from the real world, not really your thing:

MTV/ Viacom

11. You can find a solution to anything:

MTV/ Viacom / Via weheartit.com

12. Even though you’re jaded, things still surprise you:

MTV/ Viacom / Via weheartit.com

13. You know how to handle your haters:

14. When it comes to your friends, there are no secrets between you:

MTV/ Viacom / Via singleuserdash.joe.im

15. When you need to, you’re good at finding a silver lining in anything…


MTV/ Viacom / Via renamok.tumblr.com

17. You know sometimes you need to set a low bar for yourself:

MTV/ Viacom

18. And that it’s OK not to be perfect at everything:

MTV/ Viacom

MTV/ Viacom


19. You know exactly how to greet an ex:

20. And how to deal with scrubs:

MTV/ Viacom

21. Sometimes you can be kind of an introvert:

MTV/ Viacom / Via tumblr.com

22. Nothing is more important then than having a friend who is just like you:

MTV/ Viacom

23. Most importantly: This pretty much sums up how you feel about everything.

MTV/ Viacom / Via wifflegif.com

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