23 Photos Of Jonathan Taylor Thomas Holding Things

Apparently in the ’90s, JTT did nothing but hold random objects. Also BRB, starting a Tumblr called F*** Yeah JTT Holds Things.

1. Flowers, cause, duh, they are for YOU!

2. What’s better than flowers? Stuffed animals, because they can live forever atop your bed.

BTW, Simba FTW.

3. “Cute and cuddly” indeed… wait we’re talking about JTT, right?

4. See guys, he is really into this stuffed animal, he is holding it like it’s Simba. HOLDING IT LIKE IT’S SIMBA AND LIKE HE’S ATOP MOTHEREFFING PRIDE ROCK!

5. OK, he was clearly not into this bear.

6. But what’s better than stuffed animals? PUPPIES!

7. How adorable, they even have matching sweaters…

8. …and matching hair.

9. Um, OK, another puppy.

10. Seriously, is he hoarding puppies?!

11. AWWWWW, kittens, so cute…

12. ..and a cat…wait is that the same cat? What happened to the other one?! Please tell me he was OK.

Also, that cat looks like he is about to scratch JTT!

13. And also a fawn, cause why not.

This could also double as a Lyme disease campaign.

14. Holding a basketball like a boss! Yeah, you know JTT’s got game.

15. A Home Improvement sweater, cause, you know, he has contractual obligation with ABC.

16. Well obviously a Lion King poster, cause he contractual obligation with Disney.

17. With Pinocchio, because that creepy doll would haunt him in his dreams if he didn’t hold him.

18. A jacket to that restaurant you always wanted to eat at as a kid. #Swag

I just want to reach out and touch that Planet Hollywood embroidery.

19. For some reason, multiple trumpets.

20. Silly JTT, that’s not how you wear your shoes.

21. Holding his package… Christmas package, I didn’t mean it like that (sickos).

22. A piranha. WTF?

Yeah, even his face is saying WTF.

23. Finally, he held a photo of himself, cause he is so META.

Now if he will only hold a photo of himself holding a photo of himself!

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