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    23 Golden Retriever Puppies Who'll Remind You There Are Still Good Things In This World

    These lil' guys are 100% guaranteed to make your day better.

    1. This pup who is just so, so happy to be going on a car ride:

    2. This pup who is making that face that makes you scream "AWWWWWwwwwwww."

    3. This rebel pup who refuses to conform to society's rules:

    4. This pup who decided to do the most adorable photobomb:

    5. This pup who just had the best snow day:

    6. And this pup who would rather eat the snow than play with it:

    7. This pup who is mesmerized by Scooby-Doo:

    8. This pup who'd rather lay his head on a shoe than chew it up:

    9. This pup who has got her bib on and is ready for dinner:

    10. This pup who needs her Starbucks fix like the rest of us:

    11. This pup who is trying to figure out how exactly he's going to get this ball in his mouth:

    12. This pup who just wants to give out high fives:

    13. This pup who manages to look adorable even when, maybe, not having the best bath time ever:

    14. This pup who is all about the belly rubs:

    15. These two puppies who had to take a nap after playtime:

    16. This pup who just likes to pose majestically for photos:

    17. This pup who got covered in kisses thanks to her mommy:

    18. This pup who is just chilling on a swing while contemplating life:

    19. This pup who is enjoying a day at the lake:

    20. This pup who probably got a midnight craving:

    21. This pup who had way too much fun getting dirty:

    22. This dapper pup who is def ready for a night out:

    23. And finally, these two sweet pups who are just too cute for words: