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    23 "Me, Also Me" Memes That We're All Guilty Of Doing

    We're only human. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. This one on New Year's resolutions:

    2. This one on being anti-texting:

    3. This one on working out:

    4. This one on looking for signs:

    5. This one on minding your own business:


    6. And this one on keeping opinions to yourself:

    7. This one on chores:


    8. This one on work responsibilities:


    9. And this one about not caring about work:


    10. This one about eating healthy:


    11. This one about being judgmental:

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    12. This one on not being dramatic:

    13. This one on getting a good night's sleep:

    E! /

    14. This one about being a strong person:

    15. And this one on being a cold person:

    16. This one on feeling stifled:

    17. This one on having no one reach out to you:

    18. This one on not putting out:

    19. This one on scams:

    20. This one on arguments:

    21. This one on talking back to your mom:

    22. This one on letting go of grudges:

    23. And finally, this one on not getting involved drama that isn't yours:

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