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    23 Important Life Lessons Joey Tribbiani From "Friends" Taught Us

    We should all take a moment and ask ourselves, how you doin'?

    1. Learn to love and accept yourself for who you are:

    2. It's important to always look on the bright side of things:

    3. You should always strive to motivate others...

    4. ... and, of course, also yourself:

    5. No matter what people say, the truth is that outer beauty is always more important than inner beauty:

    6. Try not to let things bring you down:

    7. Repressing your emotions is perfectly OK...

    8. ... but it's also important to have a good cry once in awhile...

    9. ... for whatever reason:

    10. Never compromise on what you want from life:

    11. In times of crisis it's important to think quickly:

    12. Don't ostracize people because of their sexuality:

    13. It's important to know your best selfie angle:

    14. Don't be afraid to take chances with your personal style:

    15. Everyone should have at least one thing they're good at:

    16. Never apologize for what you feel or do:

    17. Don't be afraid to call out your friends:

    18. Learn to appreciate the little moments in life:

    19. Sometimes in life you have to go it alone:

    20. It's OK to ignore a friend or loved one if you're having one of those days:

    21. Never make promises you don't intend to keep...

    ... never!

    22. It's OK to say "no":

    23. Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to give them a hug: