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    23 Disturbing Santa Claus Photos That Will Wreck Your Christmas

    You'd better watch out, 'cause these Santas will make you cry.

    1. What demon from the depths of hell created this Santa?!

    2. Speaking of demons, this Santa looks like he is in need of an exorcism:

    3. You know what a Santa photo doesn't need? A frightening clown!

    4. This Santa looks like he has some serious anger issues:

    5. I'm pretty sure that is Jigsaw from the Saw movies in that Santa costume:

    6. This photo was taken seconds before this Santa dropped dead of old age:

    7. This little girl just realized Santa is about to drop her:

    8. This kid is probably wondering why Santa is using him as a crutch:

    9. This Santa looks like he put way too much bourbon in his milk:

    10. So is this Santa supposed to be an aging werewolf?

    11. To be honest, it might have been the burning smell of alcohol coming off Santa that made this toddler cry:

    12. OK, this just looks like the corpse of one the Seven Dwarfs:

    13. I really want to know why in the hell that Santa has a black eye:

    14. And I really want to know why this Santa is wearing blue eyeshadow:

    15. This kid's face says it all:

    16. I'm pretty sure this is just an evil warlock in Santa drag:

    17. OMG, those eyes!!!

    18. This Santa looks like he is holding back a bad case of the hangover barfs:

    19. While this Santa apparently just showed up drunk:

    20. This just looks like some kind of horrible Eyes Wide Shut fever dream:

    21. Nope. Nope. Nope.

    22. WTF is even going on in this photo?!

    23. And finally, remember, Santa knows if you’ve been bad or good… so you’d better be good for goodness sake, ‘cause Santa is watching you:

    And he is creepy as all fuck: