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23 Cats Who Hate Bath Time More Than Anything Else

Baths are cat-astrophic!

1. This cat, who is just ready to give up on life:

2. This cat, who thinks looking as cute as possible will get it out of its bath time:

3. This cat, who feels like it's dying a slow death:

4. This cat, who just realized it's a trap:

5. This cat, who is slowly plotting its revenge:

6. This cat, who just realized he really doesn't like water:

7. "I swear if my face stays this way, I will come after YOUR face!"

8. "What the hell, did I just pee on myself?"

9. This cat, who can't even:

10. This little guy, who doesn't even know what the hell just happened to him:

11. This cat, who just had a bad flashback to past baths:

12. This cat, who is sooo going to throw up in its owner shoes when this is all over:

13. "If you come any closer I will claw the shit out of you."

14. "You and me, we're done professionally."

15. "I don't even have fur why do I need a bath?"

16. "Don't you even touch me!"

17. "Please, someone send for help!"

18. This cat, who has now seen some things:

19. "Why do you hate me?"

20. This cat, who is over it:

21. "I'm too young for this!"

22. This cat, who is plotting how to kill its owner:

23. "Fuck you and fuck this selfie."