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    23 Absurdly Lame Things That Happened To Superman, Batman, And Robin

    From 1941-1986, the superheroes appeared in their own comic book series, World's Finest Comics, and it was ridiculous.

    1. When Superman tried to fat shame Robin.

    2. The one where Robin, Superman, and Batman decided they wanted to take a dip with the boys.

    3. The time they all went on a ski trip together -- that was so epic they needed 96 pages to tell it.

    4. The issue where they took up photography (?).

    5. The time Superman decided to open a pedicab business.

    6. And not to be outdone, Batman opened a shady fortune-telling business.

    7. The time Superman got really friendly with a sailor.

    8. The one where they said "fuck crime fighting" and instead played baseball...


    10. ...and went surfing.

    11. The issue in which we learned that a skunk -- not Kryptonite -- is Superman real Achilles' heel.

    12. Ummmm...guys, what's going on over there?

    13. What kinda kink is Superman into?

    14. When they where forced to beat down a street vendor for selling unlicensed merchandise.

    15. The time they fought their greatest foe, MOTHER GOOSE!

    16. The exciting issue where Superman and Batman changed a flat tire.

    17. The one where Superman proved that size DOES matter.

    18. The one where Superman and Batman made Robin their bitch.

    19. The really dark one where Jimmy Olsen and Robin faked their own death…

    20. …or the even darker one where Superman and Batman made them dig their own graves.

    21. The issue where Superman started a New World Order.

    22. The horrible issue where Superman killed Batman...

    23. ...which probably led to Robin avenging his murder.