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    22 Little Things That Brought '90s Kids So Much Joy

    There was no greater feeling than getting a perfect graham cracker to frosting ratio whenever you ate a pack of Dunk-a-Roos.

    1. Writing your name with your nails on the waxy exterior of these cups:

    2. Blowing into a Nintendo cartridge and then having it play perfectly:

    3. Carefully refilling your empty Squeezit bottle with water and then using it as a squirt gun:

    4. Folding notes you passed in class into origami-esque envelopes:

    5. Staring a this screensaver and having it ~hypnotize~ you:

    6. Reciting and singing along to the entire Pure Moods commercial:

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    7. Circling all the toys you wanted in the new Sears Wishbook or J.C. Penney catalog and secretly hoping your parents would see it and buy them all for you:

    8. Carefully stacking your Disney VHS tapes into a magnificent tower:

    9. Perfectly syncing up a song to the end of the blank tape on a mixtape:

    10. Successfully fixing a cassette tape with a pen or pencil:

    11. Getting your straw into your Capri Sun on the first try:

    12. Taking a sniff of a brand-new container of Gak...

    13. ...or a spanking-new Koosh ball:

    14. Taking a really big whiff of your scented markers (even if you weren't using them):

    15. Whenever you were able to successfully convince your parents to let you eat a Kid Cuisine instead of whatever dinner was:

    16. Getting the perfect ratio of graham cookie to frosting on your Dunk-a-Roos:

    17. Balancing this bird on your finger and convincing yourself it was magic:

    18. Being able to immediately see the hidden Magic Eye image:

    19. Wrapping a Fruit Roll-Up around your finger in order to eat it:

    20. Giving yourself "witch fingers" anytime you ate Bugle chips:

    21. Drawing the perfect "S" thing on everything and thinking it was soooo cool:

    22. And finally, doing this on while talking on the phone: