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    21 Vintage Halloween Costumes That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

    Warning: This post is all trick and no treat.

    1. WTF! Is this some sort of Where the Wild Things Are acid trip?!

    2. This really looks like frightening Bert and Ernie cosplay.

    3. Um, is that supposed to be a tail or a penis?!

    4. "I watch you while you sleep."

    5. Somebody slowly suffocated in a bag to look like a knock-off Gumby.

    6. I just want to know why he is carrying a severed head?!

    7. Are these two trick-or-treating or getting ready to take someone down?

    8. This looks like a still from American Horror Story: Freak Show.

    9. NOPE.

    10. And, NOPE. NOPE. NOPE.

    11. This both oddly unsettling and kind of heartbreaking.

    12. Is this an old family photo of the Snickers commercial Grocery Store Lady?

    13. And then the kids found out the truth, that Little Billy wasn't wearing a costume!

    14. I wouldn't even open the door for these sinister looking trick-or-treaters.

    15. "One of us, one of us."

    16. Creepy as fuck unidentifiable costumes.

    17. “Come and play with us, Danny.”

    18. OMG! I can't even with this costume.

    19. OK, this is just disturbing!

    20. Proof that clowns have ALWAYS been scary.

    21. This costume was clearly made in the depths of Hell.

    Sweet dreams!