21 Hilarious Target Tweets That’ll Make You Feel Seen

    This is for anyone who has gone to Target for just one item and left with a dozen things you didn't know you needed.

    1. When you're at the check out and it sorta feels like a walk of shame:

    I hate it when the Target cashier says, “Did you find everything you were looking for?” It makes me feel really guilty. Because I wasn’t looking for any of the 25 items in my shopping cart! I came for diet cokes and toilet paper...#TargetProblems

    2. When you shop there so much that you're on a first name basis with the employees:

    When you go to Target and they say nice to see you again. You know you have a problem. #TargetAddict #ConfessionsOfATargetShopper 😳

    3. When you're walking down the aisles and are tempted AF to buy things for the imaginary house you don't even own yet:

    I just spend $44 on Halloween decorations for my nonexistent house. 🤦🏼‍♀️ #TargetProblems

    4. Or when you buy things for your wedding, but you're actually still single AF:

    I went to target today and target won, yet again I bought something I didn’t need. I bought “will you be my bridesmaid” cards for my wedding. Btw I’m not even engaged 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ #target #targetproblems

    5. When you go into the store for one thing and immediately zone out:

    Target... I go in for shampoo and $1937384738474774 later I dunno what the hell I just bought #targetproblems

    6. When you strive to one day be the person who goes in for one thing and leaves with that one thing:

    I want to grow up one day to be like the girl who just walked out of target with no target bag, just a roll of toilet paper underneath her armpit. #targetproblems

    7. When you know that the best way to reward yourself for not overspending at Target is to treat yourself to something(s) at Target:

    I actually made it out of target with only the item I went in for, I think I should reward myself. By going to target. #targetaddict 🎯

    8. When you break your own spending speed records:

    I just dropped $90 at Target in less than 20 minutes, before 9am. How is that even possible?!?! #targetproblems

    9. When the Dollar Spot ends up not not being a bargain at all:

    When you walk into Target and you end up spending $40 in just the $1 & $3 section #targetproblems

    10. When the distance to a Target is as important as a brand-new kitchen while house hunting:

    Me while house hunting (this is not a joke btw) "Have you checked to see how close it is to @Target?" #targetaddict

    11. When visiting Target stores while on vacation is as important as seeing the local landmarks:

    Does anyone else make a point of going to @Target when you’re in other towns just to see if their home section got good stuff that your hometown’s store didn’t? Or is that just me? #targetaddict 🤷🏻‍♀️

    12. When you would have saved money by NOT returning an item:

    Everytime I go to Target to return something, I always end up spending twice the amount of my returned items. #TargetAddict

    13. When your family knows your Target habits too well:

    Me: "I got paid yesterday. Do you need me to get you anything while I'm out?" Grandma: "No, just stay away from Target." #True #TargetAddict

    14. When Facebook calls out your Target habits:

    Literally nothing has changed... #TargetAddict

    15. When you know that the sun always shines inside a Target store:

    Gorgeous afternoon to be outside.. & yet I have no regrets spending a majority of it inside @Target. 😳 #TargetAddict

    16. When you need a support team to make sure you don't fall into the overspending trap while there:

    A good support system is important in life. #targetproblems

    17. When you walk into a Target and immediately feel like you just went to the gym:

    I get an endorphin rush walking into @Target every single time! #targetaddict

    18. When you realize you never go to Target out of necessity:

    The amount of times I've said "I need to go to Target" does not match the amount of times I've actually "needed" to go to Target. #dontneedto #targetaddict

    19. When you have to go to another Target for an item, and still spend money at both:

    Just went to two different @Target ‘s to find the shower curtain hooks I wanted. Don’t worry I spent $50 each time 😂#targetproblems

    20. When you buy a bunch of things and forget the ONE thing you needed to go to Target for:

    Spent $179.85 at @Target, went in for body wash, deodorant, and a toothbrush. Forgot the toothbrush. What the hell did I buy? #targetproblems #everytime

    21. And finally, when you love Target because you know they totally get you:

    No one: You: Yeah... I should probably get that, too.