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    21 Strange And Offensive Things That Happened To Lois Lane

    From 1958-1978, Superman's main squeeze had her own comic, Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane, and in it some really WTF things went down.

    1. When Lois made out with Superman's corpse.

    2. The horrific time that Superman blackmailed her...

    3. ...or the even more horrific time that he tried to murder her in outer space.

    4. When she was labeled, "The Fattest Girl In Metropolis."

    5. The time she trapped Superman into marrying her by getting pregnant.

    6. The time she found out about Superman's secret family.

    7. When she got into a literal catfight with Catwoman.

    8. The time Lois was concerned that Superman was getting a little too close to his cousin.

    9. When she got really old and Superman left her.

    10. The time she tried to murder Superman for NOT marrying her. Damn, put a RING ON IT Superman!

    11. The really dark one where Lois commits suicide...

    12. ...or the even darker one where Superman murders her.

    13. When she was so desperate to marry Superman that she made a deal with the devil.

    14. I guess part of the deal was to marry him?!

    15. When she was forced to marry Titanman and Superman just laughed.

    16. But he wasn't laughing when Lois married Bruce Wayne.

    17. The time she tried to kill Lana Lang...

    18. ...which she apparently succeeded at, cause she was on trial for her murder.

    19. And she was found guilty.

    20. The really confusing one where she decided to be a black woman.

    21. When she was hooking up with the entire Justice League.