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    21 Satisfying Things That Don't Make Any Sense Today

    It was these tiny moments that just brought you so much joy.

    1. When you'd turn on the TV Guide Channel and immediately catch the exact channel you were looking for.

    Not having to wait for it to scroll all the way through! 🙌

    2. When you'd call your BFF or crush on their home phone and they'd answer instead of their siblings or, worse yet, parents.


    It was bliss NOT having to make awkward conversation.

    3. When you were able to tape a song off the radio without the DJ cutting it off...

    Bonus if you didn't need to listen to the radio all day to record it.

    4. ...or when you'd download a song and get a clean MP3 that wasn't a fake or a terrible radio rip.

    ~ expecting to hear "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," but actually hears "Lady Marmalade." ~

    5. When you'd get the ratio of graham cookie to frosting right when eating your Dunk-a-Roos.

    It was nice not having left over graham crackers.

    6. When you'd develop your photos and didn't feel the need to rip any of them up because they all came out flawless.

    Nothing was worse than waiting all that time to develop your pics and then ending up tossing them because you HATED the way you looked in them.

    7. When TRL would play your favorite video from start to finish without cutting it with screaming/crying kids.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    Yeah screaming tween, I can't understand a word you're saying and I also don't care, I just want to watch Britney's "Overprotected" vid.

    8. When you'd go to the grocery store with your parents and pull a bunch* of coupons from one of these:

    ** And by bunch I mean ALL of them!

    9. When you'd put in a game cartridge into the Nintendo and it would play on the first try (without even having to blow in it).

    While blowing into the cartridge could be satisfying, the surprise of not having to do it was even more so.

    10. When nobody was home and you had the internet all to yourself.


    Nothing better than not having someone yell at you to get off the internet 'cause they needed to use the phone.

    11. When you'd use the mouse for the first time after giving it a good cleaning.

    You almost forgot how it was supposed to work.

    12. When you'd craft the perfect away message with ZERO effort.

    Justine Zwiebel/ BuzzFeed

    Thinking and typing it up in 30 seconds was a rarity, but it felt great whenever you did it.

    13. When you'd walk through the kids door at Imaginarium and feel like you were entering a magical world.

    And admit it, you'd go through it even after you got a little too big to comfortably walk through it.

    14. When it was your night to pick a movie and Blockbuster actually had the one you wanted.

    David Friedman / Getty Image

    Especially if it was a new release!

    15. When you'd accidentally put your anti-skip technology on your CD Walkman to the test and it actually WORKED!

    ~ trips, but TLC's FanMail continues playing without a skip ~

    16. When you'd get a new Disney VHS tape and immediately organize your entire collection so that it had a flow that only made sense to you.

    And, of course, the heavenly plastic smell of the cases.

    17. When you'd watch a Disney VHS tape for the very first time and you get excited seeing a brand-spanking new trailer.


    Something about the loud voice of the "coming soon" guy that got you even more excited for a trailer.

    18. When you'd get an invitation to a friend's birthday party at Discovery Zone.

    Michael L. Abramson / Getty Images

    There was no better place to hold a birthday party, TBH.

    19. When you'd get a brand new CD wallet and you'd carefully organize the CDs in it.

    So satisfying to place the CDs either by colors, genres, or moods.

    20. When you'd pop in a VHS tape and it was actually rewound.

    blazinglazers / Via

    Sure it took like 25 seconds to rewind a tape, but it was the annoyance of having to do it. 😕

    21. And finally, when you'd end a call (that you were probably pissed to be on) by slamming your flip phone shut.

    Can't do that with an iPhone.

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