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21 Little Satisfying Things Every '90s Kid Did

You can probably still smell a Koosh ball in your head.

1. Perfectly stacking your Disney VHS tapes into a magnificent tower.


Of course, you did have to think of which movie you thought you would watch next so you could stack it near the top.

2. Chewing on the corners of the VHS cover while you watched the movie.


It didn't taste good, but it felt so right.

3. Feeling excited because you were able to get online on your first try during peak hours.


It made the terrible screech of the modem bearable and worth it.

4. Perfectly getting your straw into your Capri Sun on the first try.


It made it taste just that much better.

5. Guessing correctly on whether a team would take the physical challenge or answer the question on Double Dare.


I mean, who didn't want to take the physical challenge?

6. Refilling your Squeezit bottle with water and using it as a squirt gun.


That is, if your school hadn't banned them.

7. Getting the perfect ratio of graham cookie to frosting on your Dunk-a-Roos.


Nothing was worse than running out of frosting first.

8. Whenever you actually got a ring on one of the hooks.


Yes, it was actually possible!

9. Throwing a fresh Sticky Hand against the wall and seeing it actually stick.


It was all over when it eventually got covered with hair and dust.

10. When you perfectly synced up a song to the end of the blank tape on a mixtape.


Nothing felt better than knowing you wouldn't have to turn over the tape to hear the rest of the song.

11. Being able to immediately see the hidden Magic Eye image.


Especially if your friends couldn't see it.

12. Whenever you filled the square in perfectly on your Scantron.


Bonus if got your entire Scantron perfectly filled in.

13. Cleaning the dirt balls out of your mouse.


That first use after cleaning was heaven.

14. The clacking sound this made as you played it.


It just sounded so hypnotic.

15. The waxy -- yet comforting familiar flavor -- you got anytime you drank from one of these.


And biting on the cup rim after you were done drinking.

16. Opening up one these bad boys and seeing how much gum you could stick in your mouth at once.


Also being careful so that you didn't choke on your first chew.

17. Conquering Rainbow Road on your first try.


Let's be honest, it was damn near impossible.

18. Getting the Happy Meal toy that you ACTUALLY wanted.


'Cause there was nothing worse than the disgruntled face the McDonald's employee made as your mom asked whether they had the Daffy figure or not.

19. Singing along -- 'cause you knew all the words by heart -- to the Stick Stickley song.


"Write to me, Stick Stickley, P.O. Box 963 New York City, New York State, 10108"

20. Taking a whiff of your Koosh ball.


It had such a distinct, yet addictive, chemical smell.

21. When you thought of the perfect away message in just a few seconds.

Justine Zwiebel/ BuzzFeed

And you could go about your day ~stress free~.

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