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21 Gratifying Childhood Moments That Made You Go "Ahhhhh"

It's those little things in life.

1. The relaxing feeling you got whenever you put one of these bad boys on your face:

2. The familiar voice of the "Coming Soon" guy on Disney videos.

3. Getting the PERFECT comic imprint on your Silly Putty.

4. Whenever you went down the slide at Discovery Zone and didn't get your hair stuck.

Bonus: if it didn't smell like feet.

5. Spending like 10 minutes just blowing up an empty Capri Sun pouch.

6. Opening up a brand-new canister of Play-Doh and just admiring how perfectly packed in it was.

7. Reorganizing all of the supplies in your art case.

8. Using a brand new one of these:

9. Selecting the perfect folder at the beginning of the school year.

Those first few days before it eventually tore and creased were magical.

10. The sound your CD drive made whenever you opened and closed it.

11. Getting the cheese-to-cracker ratio correct on your Handi-Snacks.

12. Opening a tin of these and finding actual cookies and NOT sewing supplies.

13. Carefully going through your Scholastic Arrow book form and circling all the books you wanted.

OK, so you knew you weren't getting them all, but it made you feel like you were for that brief moment.

14. The bounce and sound of a perfectly filled rubber ball.

15. Putting a VHS tape into to the VCR and realizing that it had actually been rewound all the way back to the beginning.

16. Peeling off dried paste from your hand.

17. Finally getting to the gum ball whenever you ate one of these:

18. The look and smell of a brand-new Crayola crayon box.

19. Being able to get your milk carton open correctly on the first try and NOT having this happen:

20. Coming home after school and seeing a piece of mail that was clearly addressed to you.

21. And finally, whenever your parents would unexpectedly take you to Toys 'R' Us.

You couldn't get out of the car fast enough.