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    Feb 18, 2014

    21 Epically Nostalgic ’90s Cartoons As Tattoos

    These tattoos are the best way to commemorate your childhood.

    1. Animaniacs' Wakko and Yakko enjoying the view:

    2. This Darkwing Duck tattoo swoops out of the shadows:

    3. Bart Simpson, always a classic:

    4. Um, Arthur? This is a rather interesting choice:

    5. This is a serious Sailor Moon fan:

    6. Freakazoid and the Tick, two of the greatest superheroes of the '90s:

    7. A nice tribute tattoo to Dizzy Devil, one of the lesser known Tiny Toons:

    8. A badass Joker:

    9. Does your tattoo plot to take over the world?

    10. Filburt and Rocko FTW:


    11. A majestic Quailman:

    12. This is definitely a hardcore Dexter's Laboratory fan:

    13. Not pony tails or cotton tails, no, Ducktales tattoo!

    14. This Powerpuff Girls tattoo is amazing:

    15. Not gonna lie, I would totally get this Stimpy as a hobo tattoo:

    16. Wait, why isn't Daria in the middle?


    Team Jane, I guess?

    17. Who doesn't love a good Beetlejuice tattoo?

    18. The only thing this Earthworm Jim tattoo is missing is his companion, Peter Puppy.

    19. Rugrats' Reptar giving us jazz hands:

    20. Sorry, but this tattoo needs more Angelica:

    21. This sleeve is just pure '90s EPICNESS:

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