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    Updated on Jul 28, 2020. Posted on Jul 18, 2020

    40 Photos From The 2000s That'll Leave You Saying, "OMG, I Remember That"

    Literally, I can smell A&F's Fierce and Victoria's Secret's Love Spell coming off these pics!

    Getty Images

    1. You had that one friend who was an absolute pro at taking selfies with a back-facing digital camera...

    Photo of Kelly Macdonald looking over Javier Bardem's shoulder as he takes a selfie of the two of them with a digital camera.
    Mj Kim / Getty Images

    2. ...and who also perfected taking the mirror selfie with flash:

    A photo of Taylor Swift and friend taking a "mirror selfie."
    Taylor Swift's Myspace

    3. When you had to remember to bring your digital camera with you if you were going somewhere and wanted pics...

    A photo of Ashton Kutcher taking a photo of with a red Nikon CoolPix camera.

    4. ...and also had to make sure that you had enough space for photos in your memory card:

    A photo of 4.0 GB memory card in its plastic case.

    5. When everybody had like six different electronics connected to their TVs...

    A Sega DreamCast, a DVD player, and a VCR stacked on top of TV.
    Ted Thai / The LIFE Picture Collection via

    6. ...and when everybody called flatscreen TVs "plasma TVs," whether they were plasma or not:

    Stock image of a black flat LCD TV set.
    Takis_milonas / Getty Images

    7. When you had to print out directions for your parents on MapQuest whenever you guys were going somewhere new for the first time:

    A photo of a MapQuest page.

    8. When you downloaded your first illegal MP3 and thought the FBI was going to come to your door...

    9. ...and when you'd get mad if you downloaded a bogus MP3 of a song you really wanted:

    #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow the struggle of your Limewire download finally finishing only for it to be an audio of Bill Clinton

    10. When you'd buy skinny jewel cases for your mix CDs in order to save space...

    Photo of two blank CDs in skinny jewel cases.
    Tarzhanova / Getty Images

    11. ...and when you also had one of these for your CDs whenever you traveled:

    Photo of large CD organizer.

    12. When the iTunes Music Store would only allow you to play a 30-second clip of a song...

    A photo of Mac desktop with the iTunes Music Store open circa 2003.
    Getty Images

    13. ...and when your iPod was the most valuable thing you owned:

    Photo of a Classic iPod.
    Getty Images

    14. When there was no store in the mall with a cooler exterior facade than Hollister...

    The front of a Hollister store with its California beach bungalow design.
    Carlos Osorio / Getty Images

    15. ...and when you'd walk by Victoria's Secret and know there was a 90% chance that it was having a semi-annual sale:

    A sign in the window of Victoria's Secret of Alessandra Ambrosio in black bra and panties against a pink back drop with the words "semi-annual sale" written across it.
    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    16. When you'd go into Abercrombie & Fitch and have to walk past the wall of their logo sweaters that reeked of Fierce...

    Five rows of Abercrombie & Fitch sweaters neatly folded on a shelf.
    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    17. ...and whenever you'd buy something at Abercrombie and save the bag to reuse later:

    A close-up of a man carrying a black and white Abercrombie & Fitch bag with a shirtless model on it.
    Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

    18. When this is what the cool kid's bedroom looked like and it was goals:

    A sunny teen/tween girls bedroom with a desk and a white sleigh-bed with a pink mosquito net on top.

    19. When this...

    20. ...and this were LOOKS:

    21. When you were tempted to text Jamster for their ringtones (which were pricey AF)...

    A cute grey computer-animated bunny holding a carrot with the the words text "Love to: 655 55" written below it.

    22. ...and tempted to order a Snuggie 'cause the commercial for it made it seem next-level comfy:

    Blonde woman in a blue Snuggie laying on her tan couch watching TV.

    23. When even if you were way too old for it, you thought Libby Lu was a pretty lit place to have a birthday party:

    Libby Lu employee sprinkling glitter into a little girls hair.
    Star Tribune Via Getty Images / Getty Images

    24. When you had to buy entire seasons of a TV show you liked on DVD (if you wanted to rewatch it)...

    The cover for Season 4 of The Office on DVD.

    25. ...and when having a BIG DVD collection was a thing:

    A man looking at newly released DVDs inside of Best Buy.
    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    26. When everyone had this exact setup in their family's computer room (which the entire family shared)...

    A early 2000s Sony Vaio computer which features the tower, a corded mouse and keyboard, and external portable speakers.

    27. ...and when everyone's parents had this exact phone in their bedroom:

    Two early 2000s portable phones, with one being an answering machine/phone combo.

    28. When you could entertain yourself by simply watching the visualization on the Windows Media Player:

    A Windows Media Player with hot pink swirl as the visualization and with a sunny hilly  wallpaper behind the player.

    29. When you'd feel so healthy whenever you'd treat yourself to Jamba Juice...

    Close-up of a Jamba Juice sign on a brick building.
    David Mcnew / Getty Images

    30. ...or Pinkberry:

    External photo of a crowded Pink Berry's at night with large windows and people sitting down enjoying their frozen yogurt.
    Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Imag

    31. When you'd go directly to the CD kiosks (to listen to the latest album) whenever you'd go to the Virgin Megastore or Tower Records...

    A man listening to Aaliyah's Aaliyah album at a CD kiosk inside a Virgin Megastore.
    Spencer Platt / Getty Images

    32. ...and when you'd go straight to the magazine section and read your favorite mag whenever you went to Barnes & Noble or Borders:

    A close up of several different current events magazines on a magazine rack at a Barnes & Noble.
    Spencer Platt / Getty Images

    33. When wearing a LiveStrong bracelet...

    Close-up of a yellow LiveStrong bracelet being worn by someone.
    Stephen Chernin / Getty Images

    34. ...and a big chunky watch was a must:

    Two Casio G-Shock watches, one teal and one black, from the early 2000s.

    35. When (even if you didn't shop there) you knew this was one of the most popular stores in the mall:

    The Limited Too logo set on a blue sky with purplish clouds.

    36. And when you'd go to Old Navy to see what their item of the week was:

    Woman holding several pairs of jeans, while crouched inside of a Old Navy looking at button up polos for girls.
    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    37. When there was no more satisfying way to end a phone call then by slamming your flip phone shut:


    38. When your Nintendo DS was the only way to entertain yourself whenever you were on a car trip or on a long flight:

    Close-up of an open Nintendo DS with the Super Mario 64 DS game home screen being on the game system's two screens.
    Yoshikazu Tsuno / Getty Images

    39. When sharing a viral video meant sending a link to it in an email:

    Liam Kyle Sullivan

    40. And finally, whenever you'd fall asleep watching a DVD and wake up to this screensaver:

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