23 Common Things We Did 15 Years Ago That Seem Weird Today In Retrospect

    Taking a good selfie with a front-facing digital camera was an art form, TBH.

    1. Printing out Mapquest maps whenever you needed to go anywhere (and being upset if you forgot to print them out in black and white and wasted color ink on them):

    A printed out mapquest map hanging on a rearview window

    2. Wanting a portable GPS system that was kitschy and gave directions in the voices of like K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider or Yoda:

    The box of a Knight Rider GPS box

    3. Constantly buying blank CDs:

    A product shot of Sony CD-R 30 blank CD pack

    4. Making a mix CD for your friend and printing out the tracklist for it:

    A printed out list of a 19 track mix CD

    5. Burning photo CDs for your friends of pics you took with your digital camera:

    A blank CD in an open jewel box against a black background

    6. Making sure to look through a DVD you just bought to see if there were any coupons you would wanted to use:

    Papa John's coupons inside of an Ice Age DVD

    7. Cleaning your mouse by removing the ball from inside it:

    A photo of a a hand cleaning out an upside down mouse with a Q-tip and next to it

    8. Watching the TV Guide Channel to see what was on:

    A screenshot of the TV Guide channel of a smiling face from a commercial with some channels scrolling by underneath it

    9. Going to the Apple Store just to play with the latest iPods:

    Four people playing iPods in the Apple Store

    10. Going to Starbucks and making sure you grabbed its iTunes Pick of the Week cards (along with whatever you were ordering):

    A collection of 14 Pick of the Week cards

    11. Sharing a viral video you liked by emailing the link to your friends:

    A screenshot of Kelly from Shoes looking surprised

    12. Fighting with your sibling or roommate over who got to record something on the DVR if you both wanted to record a show at the same time:

    High-definition digital video recorder, DVR, cable TV box, isolated on white

    13. Making sure you took your digital camera with you if you were going somewhere and knew you wanted to capture the moments:

    A silver Canon PowerShot S410 digital camera

    14. Knowing how to take good selfies with a front-facing camera:

    Kim Kardashian at the Maxim Style Awards taking a selfie with a digital camera

    15. Fixing red eye caused by the flash from your camera in Photoshop and having it look questionable (usually it resulted in just two giant black dots instead of pupils):

    A close-up photo of eyes with the the red from the flash being covered by black with photo shop

    16. Forgetting to send back your Netflix DVDs and only realizing it when you started wondering why you hadn't gotten new DVDs:

    A opened Netflix red envelope

    17. Having to watch MTV to catch the premiere of a music video of an artist you liked:

    The World Premiere logo MTV used in the early 2000s

    18. Waiting until after 9 p.m. or 7 p.m. (depending on your plan) to call your friends on your cellphone because you were out of minutes for the month:

    A a stock image of a teen girl laying on her bed talking on a hot pink flip phone

    19. And calling yourself, listening to your outgoing greeting, and then pressing your pin in order to listen to your voicemails:

    A stock image of a close-up of a teen girl talking on a hot pink Razr phone

    20. Buying instructional books to learn how to do things online:

    Cover of the Blogging for Dummies book

    21. Having to wait to turn off your computer:

    A Dell computer with "it's now safe to turn off your computer" written on the screen

    22. Rushing out to buy the DVD set of the latest season of a TV show you liked so you could binge-watch it:

    Cover for The OC Season 1 DVD

    23. And lastly, buying ringtones of the newest songs so that EVERYONE could hear that you had the latest bop when it rang:

    A screen shot of Billboard's Sept. 2007 Ringtones chart