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    Again, If You're Between 32–45, You'll Immediately Realize That These 40 Photos Have Been Living Rent-Free Deep In Your Mind For The Last Two Decades

    Back when stuffing the bottom of your Juicy Couture velour pants into your Uggs was the LOOK.

    1. VH1's Best Week Ever, which caught you up on almost everything that had happened that week through witty commentary:

    "Best Week Ever"

    2. The super-annoying HeadOn commercial that constantly played throughout the day and on the weekends:


    3. "Jesus is my homeboy" T-shirts that they sold at Urban Outfitters:

    A man modeling a "Jesus is my Homeboy" T-shirt

    4. And the sassy Tinker Bell T-shirts Disney put out:

    A Tinker Bell T-shirt

    5. Cellphones accessorized with charms or adorned with rhinestones glued onto them:

    bedazzled phones

    6. While You Were Out, which was like Trading Spaces and also aired on TLC:

    The cast of "While You Were Out"

    7. The Pepsi and iTunes promotion where you could win a free song if you found a code under the bottle cap:

    "Free Song"

    8. And Starbucks' Pick of the Week cards, which gave you a free pre-selected song that you could download to your iTunes:

    "Pick of the week" cards

    9. Women wearing Juicy Couture velour pants with the bottoms stuffed into their Uggs:

    Closeup of Juicy Couture pants with Uggs

    10. MTV's Diary that really gave you so much insight into celebrities' daily lives — especially back in the pre-social media days:


    11. And when TRL would film at the MTV Beach House in the summer time:

    Screenshot from "TRL"

    12. American Apparel stores that always overwhelmingly smelled like new clothes and would use grid panels to display their merchandise:

    13. Cars with built-in DVD players and monitors, which were such a flex if someone had it in their car:

    Screens in a car

    14. Guinness Book of World Records that came with iridescent covers and was usually a gift you would get from a relative that had NO idea what to get you:

    "Guinness World Records 2004"

    15. Going directly to the iPod section anytime you visited the Apple Store:

    People looking at iPods

    16. Expensive luxury iPod cases that cost almost as much as an iPod:

    A Coach iPod case

    17. And the iPod dog — that everyone wanted at some point:

    iPod dog

    18. Slim camera cases that not only protected your camera, but also allowed you to carry the charger and extra memory cards in it:

    A camera case

    19. Jessica Simpson as the spokesperson for Proactiv:

    Closeup of Jessica Simpson

    20. McDonald's when they had red roofs with yellow accents and white painted brick walls as their color schemes:

    21. Gwen Stefani's designer clothing brand L.A.M.B:

    22. And the L.A.M.B bag line collab that Gwen did with LeSportsac:

    L.A.M.B bags

    23. The Mac vs. PC commercials:

    Two men standing side-by-side

    24. The foot massagers inside Sharper Image that people would take off their shoes and use (which is majorly gross in retrospect):

    a person's feet in a foot massager

    25. Hollister stores that had an exterior that looked like a beach house porch and were dim AF inside:

    Hollister entrance

    26. Abercrombie & Fitch's Ezra Fitch line, which was their more expensive (which was saying something 'cause the regular clothes were already pricey) and premium line:

    An Ezra Fitch tag

    27. Talk Sex with Sue Johanson — which you had to watch with one finger on the remote control in case your parents walked in:

    Talk Sex with Sue Johanson

    28. Early DVDs that came in cardboard cases:

    "Training Day" on DVD

    29. And buying a DVD of your favorite artist's music videos 'cause that was the only real way you could rewatch them whenever you wanted:

    30. The questionable Photoshop job you would do to digital photos whenever you fixed "red eye" (usually, it resulted in just two giant black dots instead of pupils):

    Closeup of someone's eyes

    31. The Gap commercial that featured Juliette Lewis dancing alongside to Daft Punk to their song, "Digital Love":

    Juliette Lewis and Daft Punk

    32. Sarah Jessica Parker starring in commercials and ad campaigns for the Gap:

    Closeup of Sarah Jessica Parker

    33. MTV's fake boy band, 2gether, who legit could have passed for a real boy band from that era:


    34. Hilary Duff's Stuff clothing line she had with Target:

    Hilary Duff with her clothing line

    35. And Mary-Kate and Ashley's Walmart line that included everything from clothes to home goods:

    Mary-Kate and Ashley showing their clothes

    36. TV Guide when they were digest size:

    TV Guide

    37. On the Line, the random AF rom-com that starred Lance Bass and Joey Fatone from NSYNC:

    Poster for "On the Line"

    38. Sprite Remix, which tasted like sugary deliciousness:

    Cans of Sprite Remix

    39. The "Coming soon to theaters" announcement that would play right before the trailers played on Disney DVDs:

    "Coming Soon to Theaters"

    40. And lastly, the hard plastic feeling of Blockbuster membership cards:

    Blockbuster membership cards