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Things We Did In 1999 That Are Now Completely Outdated

The struggle of having to share one phone line was REAL.

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1. Looking through the Sunday paper circulars to find out what movies and albums were being released that week.

Unless you already knew 'cause you had seen the "coming soon" ads inside Tower Records or Best Buy.


3. Waiting HOURS to download one song off of Napster and praying you wouldn't be knocked off the internet while it downloaded.

And only being able to listen to it on your desktop, since you probably didn't have a CD burner.


11. Taking photos and having NO idea how they'd turn out.

There was nothing worse than being all excited to see your developed photos only to find out they were overexposed or you looked terrible in all of them.

12. Carrying around a Thomas Guide in your car in case you needed to look for an address in a part of town you weren't familiar with.

And of course you would do that thing where you'd follow the route on the map with your index finger.


14. Rushing home to watch TRL in hopes that they would play your favorite music video.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

And let's be honest, nothing was worse than when your favorite video fell off the TRL charts.

15. Ordering clothes out of a mail-order catalog.

Filling out the forms carefully was a major pain in the butt. Then you had to wait WEEKS to get the item — that is, if it wasn't on back order or out of stock.


21. Driving from Blockbuster to Blockbuster in search of the new release you wanted.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

It usually started with you thinking something like, Well, maybe the Blockbuster by the mall has it — they're usually not as busy as this one.