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    19 Tweets That'll Make Any Grown-Ass Person Trying To "Adult" Feel Better

    Honestly, we're all in this together!

    1. On calling your mom:

    Just got off Facetime with my Mom to ask how to sort my clothes for laundry. I have completely nooo idea how to do it hahaha! #adultingfail

    2. On mentors:

    I need a successful adult to show me how to adult. An adultier adult. #YaFeel #AdultingIsHard

    3. On buying home appliances:

    Yesterday we got a vacuum and we felt so adult, but then we got home and realized it's a steam cleaner, not a vacuum. ๐Ÿ˜ #adultingfail

    4. On being an alert homeowner:

    Couldn't figure out why it was so hot in my apartment. Then I realized I left the oven on... ๐Ÿ˜ณ #AdultingFail

    5. On quick clean solutions:

    I just hand washed and blow dried a panty bc I haven't been doing laundry for weeks #adultingfail

    6. On being frugal:

    People my age are buying houses and cars and I'm over here like, "Whoa, $3 shipping!? Too rich for my blood!" #truth #adultingfail

    7. On tough decisions:

    couldn't decide between Mexican and Italian for dinner, so I had spaghetti with chips and guac #adultingfail

    8. On balanced dinners:

    Just had Raisin Bran for dinner & Fruit Loops for dessert. #adultingfail

    9. On fiscal responsibility:

    When you make sure to make lunch to save $ and then buy Starbucks. #fail #adultingishard

    10. On marriage:

    $0.16 in my bank account. I think you'll now understand my plan to marry for money, not love. #adultinghard #needabudget

    11. On cooking:

    I tried to cook a roast in the crockpot overnight, but when I woke up at 6 this morning to go check it, it hadn't cooked at all.... I thought maybe my crockpot wasn't working, but then I realized I had accidentally plugged in the blender instead of the crockpot ๐Ÿ˜‚ #adultingishard

    12. On being resourceful:

    Definitely just poured milk straight into my cereal box. New level of lazy? #adulting #adultingfail #luckcharms #cerealfordinner

    13. On religion:

    If the big man upstairs could send down a hint as to what I'm meant to be doing in life right now, that'd be great. #adultingishard

    14. On eating vegetables:

    I make food full of veggies and then pick half of them out while I'm eating and feed them to the dog. #adultingfail

    15. On knowing what you've got stocked in your fridge:

    Everything in my fridge contains either alcohol or mold. #adultingfail

    16. On time management:

    today, I ate a slice of pizza in the shower before work #adulting

    17. On meal prep:

    I packed a can of pears, can of refried beans, and a spork for lunch today #adultingfail

    18. On remembering the important things:

    Why can I remember every word to any @britneyspears song, but NEVER remember when my bills are due. #AdultingIsHard

    19. And finally, on getting advice:

    Me at 18: Donโ€™t tell me how to love my life. Me at 29: I am now open to suggestions. #grownish #adultingishard

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