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    19 Simple Life Pleasures All '90s Kids Experienced

    Back when getting a birthday invite to DZ was like getting an invite to the Oscars.

    1. Opening up a brand new box of crayons and having that feeling of endless artistic opportunities.

    2. Walking through the kids door any time you visited Imaginarium.

    3. Chewing on the edges of a Disney VHS clamshell while you watched the movie.

    4. Eating one or two (or three) of these candy bars you were supposed to sell.

    5. Getting your pencil down to this small.


    6. Getting a pocket full Chuck E. Cheese tokens.

    7. Pretending Bubble Beeper was a real pager.

    8. The smell of a brand new pack of Gak...

    9. ...and a brand new Koosh ball (so, so addictive).

    10. Finding a brand new, clean issue of Highlights at the dentist's office.

    11. Singing into the fan.

    12. Not burning the top of your mouth when you bit into a Bagel Bite.

    13. Watching the Lucky Egg machine light up and make noises before giving you your prize.

    14. Singing along with Stick Stickly's "write to me" jingle.


    15. Spelling "boobies" or "hoe" on a calculator.

    16. Writing your name with your fingernail on the waxy cover of these cups.

    17. Eating Fruit String Things like a baby bird.

    Courtesy of General Mills

    18. Spending like 10 minutes just blowing up an empty Capri Sun pouch.

    19. Pushing down all of the colors at once on these pens.

    20. Testing how much battery if was left in these.

    21. Whenever you made the "click" noise you would get when rotating the wheel of your disposable camera.

    22. Feeling like you were invisible whenever you hid in one of these.

    23. And finally, getting invited to a birthday party at Discovery Zone.

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