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    21 Savage Insults Said To Blanche On "The Golden Girls" That Are Never Not Funny

    "Blanche, I could get herpes from just listening to this story!"

    1. When Rose made this comment about the type of parties Blanche goes to:

    2. And when Dorothy made this comment about where Blanche gets her workouts:

    3. When Sophia knew why Blanche could get over heartbreak quickly:

    4. When Sophia found nothing wrong with Blanche's dress:

    5. When Rose pointed out why she looked better in the same bowling outfit as Blanche:

    6. When one of Blanche's stories was just too much for Dorothy:

    7. And when Dorothy was in no mood to hear one of Blanche's stories about growing up in the South:

    8. When this was the only way Sophia could describe the way Blanche was dressed:

    9. When Dorothy not-so-subtly pointed out that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree:

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    10. When Dorothy flat-out said that Blanche's bed was basically a tourist destination:

    11. When Sophia pointed out that she and Blanche have very different pasts:

    12. When Rose heard Blanche's story, but only took one thing away from it:

    13. When Sophia had zero time for Blanche's BS:

    14. And when Dorothy had zero time for Blanche's BS:

    15. When Dorothy knew just how to get Blanche's attention:


    16. When Sophia drew this comparison:


    17. When Rose cleared up her first impression of Blanche:


    18. When Sophia gave this savage response to Blanche:

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    19. And when Sophia and Blanche had equally savage responses to each other:


    20. When Rose compared Blanche to a horror movie character:


    21. And finally, when Sophia had some serious questions:

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