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    19 Problems Millennials Had That Gen-Zers Will Need To Google

    If you remember saying, "Call me after 7:00 p.m., when I have free minutes" then this list for you.

    1. Having the battery on your portable DVD player run out mid-flight and being stuck watching the ONE movie they offered on the flight:

    2. Going to a friend's house and not being able to charge your phone 'cause they had a different brand of cell phone and the chargers were not compatible:

    Eleanor Ivins / Getty Images

    3. Having to PRINT OUT everything; like maps, tickets, reservations, gift registries, etc:

    4. Printing out a map and not realizing that you didn't print out the whole thing until it was too late:

    5. Having to pay all of your bills through the mail (which meant you always had to make sure you had checks and stamps):

    Epoxydude / Getty Images

    6. Taking selfies with a digital camera and not knowing how the hell you were going to look in them 'cause there was no front-facing cameras:

    John Shearer / WireImage

    7. Not being able to order clothes from a store you liked (but didn't have locally) 'cause they didn't have an online store:

    Erik Freeland / Getty Images

    8. Queueing a bunch of MP3 downloads on LimeWire at night only to wake up the following morning and realize that it timed out:

    9. Having to pay roaming fees if you used your cell phone outside your coverage area (which was sometimes just being in a different area code or county):

    Sony Television

    10. Having to be careful not to waste your "minutes" when using your phone 'cause there really wasn't unlimited talking plans (unless you were calling someone who had the same provider as you):


    11. Having both a monthly limited texting plan and also a character limit:


    12. Having to make sure you brought CDs with you if you were driving somewhere or else you'd be stuck just listening to the radio:

    13. Or, if you had an iPod, having to deal with constantly adjusting your transmitter to your car radio while driving:

    Tap Magazine

    14. Wanting to listen to a new song you just downloaded while out, but realizing you forgot to sync your iTunes to your iPod:

    15. Not being able to get the movie or TV show you wanted to see sent to you 'cause the Netflix queue was too long for it:

    16. Getting your DVDs in the mail and realizing Netflix accidentally sent you the wrong ones:

    Rebecca Sapp / WireImage for Netflix, Inc.

    17. Or, the worst one of all, mailing back your DVDs and having Netflix tell you they never got them:

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    18. Having to burn photo CDs if you wanted to share photos you took with your friends or family:

    19. And finally, burning a mix CD and being excited to hear it only to have the "No CD" or "Error" sign show up when you put it in your CD player.

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