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If You're A Younger Sibling, Please Read This Post And Then Call Your Eldest Sibling To Apologize

"MOOOOOMMM!" —your siblings anytime they were losing a fight

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1. Whenever birthdays or holidays would roll around and it seemed like your gifts were an afterthought compared to your siblings:

2. When being the oldest had its occasional perks:


3. When you realized that your parents were ONLY strict with you:

4. When you finally got your driver's license and your younger siblings only saw you as this:

5. When you’d argue with your brothers and sisters and your parents would take their side and give you the "I expected more from you" speech...

6. ...or the "You're the oldest" speech (for the millionth time):

7. When you'd make your siblings the secondary characters any time you played together:

8. When your siblings labeled you "the mean one" just because you were the oldest:

9. When you'd get a little too rough play-fighting, and you tried to play it cool:

10. When you'd outsmart both your siblings and your parents:

Cartoon Network/ Twitter: @shano_heather

11. When your parents blamed you for something that had LITERALLY NOTHING to do with you:

12. When one of your siblings would make a mountain out of a molehill:

13. When you were forced to share a toy, but you made sure your younger siblings could barely get their hands on it:

14. When you'd make sure that your siblings recognized your AUTHORITY any time you were forced to babysit them:

Columbia Pictures / Via Twitter: @meg_dianne

15. When your siblings expected you to take care of them like your parents did:

16. When your siblings acted suspicious and you knew they were up to something:

17. When your parents always seemed to be in the room when you'd hit your sibling, but never the other way around:

18. When your youngest sibling would make THIS face after your parents took their side:

19. And finally, this reality:

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