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19 Things We All Did As Kids That Are Weird In Retrospect

It was those things that gave you the sense of “ahhhhh.”

1. The gratifying feeling you got when pushing down hard on the buttons of an old landline phone.

Sony Music/

It was like pushing down on the tips of pencil eraser heads.

2. Wrapping your finger (or yourself) around the telephone cord while you had a conversation.

You did it without even realizing it.

3. Whenever you got a PERFECT newspaper comic imprint on your Silly Putty.

Especially when it was a brand-new Silly Putty.

4. Finding change in the slot of a payphone.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Like, how did the person who left it there not hear it fall?!

5. The smell of a freshly opened pack of Pokémon cards.

It was all part of the experience.

6. Drawing the exact ghost face you wanted on your lollipop ghost on the first try.

Nothing worse than having the ink from the marker bleed all over the tissue.

7. Being able to open up a brand-new CD without scissors or a knife.

It was def a personal victory when you could use just your fingernail to rip apart the corner of the shrink wrap.

8. Successfully winding up the reel of a ~broken~ tape with a pencil.

There was always a risk that it would tear or bend into knots.

9. Spending a few minutes just blowing air into an empty Capri Sun pouch.

And moving it up and down with your mouth, like it was a mini-ballon.

10. Organizing and reorganizing all of the supplies in your art case.

It felt good to see them all arranged as they were when you first opened it.

11. Flipping a brand-new flip-book for the very first time.

It was oh-so-magical see the figures move around.

12. Moving these pieces are the board just to hear the "clicky" sound.

It was a bitch to actually play.

13. Opening your school milk carton correctly on the first try.

Nothing worse than drinking from a torn-up milk carton.

14. Getting your school's old three-hole punch to not only line up perfectly straight but ALSO have it punch through all your papers on the first try.

No one wanted janky crooked papers with multiple strike holes in 'em in their folders.

15. Getting a photo-viewer keychain (which you usually you got at your local fair or theme park) and immediately looking at it in different lights to see how weird you could make it look.

It was the original filter!

16. Trying to write your name as neat as you could on the side of these waxy cups:

Also, biting on the rim of the cup was very relaxing.

17. The "click" noise you would get when rotating the wheel of your disposable camera.

It just sounded reassuring.

18. Clicking on all the colors at once on these pens.

And secretly hoping all the colors would come out at once, even though you knew that wasn't possible.

19. And finally, the feeling of peeling off dried paste from the palm of your hand.

It was like a mini-facial for your hand!

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