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19 Important Sarcastic Life Lessons Daria Taught Us

"Excuse me, excuse me, I've got to be direct."

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1. Sometimes we need to accept things for the way they are:

2. In life you are your own biggest cheerleader:

3. You'll never have a good driver's license photo, so just accept it:

Same applies for passports.
MTV / Via

Same applies for passports.

4. No matter what anyone says, people really do judge you based on your looks:

MTV / Via

5. Don't take anything at face value:

6. Sometimes you'll wish you were more motivated...

7. ... and they'll be other times when nothing is better than not having any kind of motivation:

8. It's important to make friends that you have things in common with:


9. You'll have to talk to a lot people about things you could care less about:

10. Never fake your emotions:

11. Have a strong belief or opinion on something...

12. ... even if it goes against the grain:

13. Sometimes you'll go unnoticed:

MTV / Via

14. People won't always get your humor:

15. It's important to be quotable:

Or at least have people think they'd know what you'd say.
MTV / Via

Or at least have people think they'd know what you'd say.

16. People will always surprise you:

MTV / Via

17. You should always be honest about how you feel:

18. Sometimes there is no way to make the best of a bad situation:

MTV / Via

19. Pizza makes everything better:

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