19 Impeccable Style Tips From "Dynasty's" Alexis Carrington

    This '80s diva should be everyone's fashion muse.

    1. You should always know the power of the shoulder pad!

    Remember: The bigger the shoulder pad, the closer to God.

    2. Nothing says "I will destroy your company and sleep with your husband," like shoulder wings.

    3. An Italian cigarette makes the best accessory when cussing out a sworn enemy.

    4. If you're going to be arrested, make sure you do it in a ball gown.

    5. Know how to work a hat -— no matter how ridiculous it looks.

    6. When it comes to fur, you should be giving Cruella de Ville a run for her money.

    7. And don't forget the matching fur hat.

    Basically, at all times you should like an extra from Doctor Zhivago.

    Lara Antipov, eat your heart out.

    8. Also, your lingerie should be covered in fur too...

    9. ...or, at the very least, feathers.

    10. There is no such thing as too many accessories...

    11. ...or too much sparkle!

    12. When in doubt add some ruffles to your dress...

    13. ...or weird embroidery. This is the best way to confuse your sworn enemies with glamour.

    14. This is the only way you should look when taking a nap:

    15. Nothing adds more drama than a veil.


    16. Just because you're laid up in the hospital doesn't mean you can slouch on the glamour.

    17. And this is especially true of bathtubs.

    18. There is nothing more glamorous than gold lamé.

    19. But the most important style tip: Always look fabulous, even when you're getting slapped.