19 He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Toys That Will Give Every ’80s Kid Intense Nostalgia

    These toys rocked your world with the power of Grayskull.

    1. You obviously had to have the MAIN MAN himself, He-Man, who came not only with his iconic Power Sword, but also an axe and shield. AN AXE AND SHIELD!!!

    2. If you had He-Man than you definitely needed to also get Battle Cat — who could also turn into his alter-ego, Cringer.

    3. Sure you could get the regular Skeletor action figure, but Battle Armor Skeletor was where it really was. How else were you going to show the battle scars inflicted in an epic battle by He-Man's sword?

    4. Evil-Lyn was the ULTIMATE badass and had to have a proper place among your collection.

    5. You also had to have Orko — mainly just 'cause you wanted to see if you could pull off his hat and see if he had hair under there...

    6. ...MossMan, who came with a scratchy AF body...

    7. ...and Stinkor, 'cause he actually smelled really bad.

    8. And of course, Castle Grayskull was a MUST-HAVE. It provided endless amounts of adventures for He-Man and company.

    9. Snake Mountain, with its collapsing bridge, trap door, and voice-changing microphone, was like Castle Grayskull on steroids.

    10. Even though She-Ra wasn't sold under the Masters of the Universe toyline, you probably added her to your collection since she was — aside from being an ass-kicker — an important part of the canon.

    11. Grizzlor was awesome, but sadly his hairy body made it impossible for you to play with him in the tub or pool.

    12. You also NEEDED to have Hordak 'cause he was truly the most villainous character on the series...

    13. ...and Teela, 'cause she was the truly the most take-no-prisoners warrior in Eternia (well, who didn't have an alter-ego).

    14. Nothing was more satisfying than the moment you slimed one of your figures in the Horde Slime Pit.

    15. When it came to vehicles there was only ONE that mattered: the Wind Raider.

    16. Sure, Zoar appeared to be just a simple bird toy, but it had a neat little trick, you could squeeze the trigger on the back of its leg and make the wings flap to make it appear like it was flying.

    17. Battle Bones was actually a two-for-one toy, not only could you play with it, but it also served as a way to transport your figures around. Which made it easy to take the battle from your bedroom to the living room.

    18. OK, so this wasn't a toy, but this was the only case worthy of holding your collection.

    19. And finally, the Holy Grail of any He-Man toy collection, Eternia. Which came with three towers, a jail, an elevator, and a working monorail. A WORKING MONORAIL.