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19 Frustrating Things Today's Kids Will Never Experience


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1. Having to call the movie theater to find out what time the movie you wanted to see was playing.

NBC / Via iceiceandrew.com

Then finding out — after listening to the entire recording — that the movie isn't even playing at that theater.

2. Taking your film to be developed and discovering that 99% of the pictures were blurry and no good.

Via amazon.com

And then immediately ripping them for fear that someone would see the awful pictures of you.

3. Turning on the TV Guide Channel right after the channel's listing you wanted to see had already scrolled.

Via youtube.com

Then having to go dig out the newspaper from the garbage can so that you could look it up — if you didn't want to wait for the listings to scroll all the way around again.

5. Finally taping that song you liked off the radio only to have it ruined by the DJ who began talking before the song ended.

Via diply.com

"Yes, I am well aware of the station I'm listening to, but thanks for the loud reminder."

8. Finding out you had no blank VHS tapes a few minutes before the show you wanted to record started.

Via blog.lhyeung.net

And having an immediate Sophie's Choice moment: "Do I want to tape over last week's Friends?!"

9. Turning on The Weather Channel to get the local forecast, but having to wait a while because they were showing the national forecast.

Via youtube.com

"Who cares about the weather in the Southwest? I live in the Northeast and need to know if I'm going to have a snow day tomorrow!"

10. Having to make a call from a disgusting pay phone — and making sure you had change to make the call.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Of course, there was always just one pay phone and some jerk hogging it up by having an hour-long conversation on it.

11. When TRL cut your favorite music video six seconds in and replaced it with screaming tweens.

Scott Gries/Image Direct

"Thanks, I'm glad Sarah from West Virginia got to scream into the camera, but I wanted to see the entire video for Jimmy Eat World's 'The Middle.'"

12. Finding out the night before a report is due that Encarta did not have any information on the subject matter you needed.

13. Waiting in line for hours to get tickets for a concert.

Getty Images/ Steve Eichner

And then almost having a meltdown when the Ticketmaster guy handed out randomly assigned wristbands and the person who showed up last got to go to the front of the line.

15. Or when you went to rent a video at Blockbuster and they didn't have any more copies of the movie you wanted.

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