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    19 Celebrity Prom Photos That Are Actually Super Adorable

    Celebs: They really are just like us.

    1. Britney Spears rocked a blingy dress.

    2. Ellen DeGeneres looked like she was straight out of an episode of The Brady Bunch.

    3. Jennifer Aniston looked classic and chic, of course.

    4. Kim Kardashian took Michael Jackson's nephew and former 3T member, TJ Jackson, to her prom.

    5. By the looks of this photo, Lizzy Caplan was a real-life Janis Ian.

    6. Brad Pitt is either at prom or a wedding?

    7. Even with a partial mullet Jon Hamm looked dapper.

    8. Rihanna coordinated her dress with the photo backdrop.

    9. Looks like Usher coordinated his boutonnière to his date's dress.

    10. Did Jessica Alba go to a Heidi-themed prom?

    11. This photo of surfer Kelly Slater looks like the most '80s prom photo ever.

    12. Bethenny Frankel in the most '80s prom dress of all time.

    13. This photo of Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass is the most '90s prom photo ever.

    14. Ashton Kutcher busting his smooth moves on the dance floor.

    15. George Clooney looked less than enthused to be there.

    16. Bruno Mars sported this awesome short 'fro.

    17. Kobe Bryant took Brandy to his prom, making them the power high school couple of 1996.

    18. Ryan Seacrest worked his hair wave.

    19. And finally, who better but Will Ferrell to be prom queen?