18 Things People Who Love To Shop Know To Be True

    "I am helping the economy by buying this shirt!"

    1. When you're broke AF but still find a way to treat yourself to something.

    2. When you justify your shopping by reminding yourself that you're helping the economy.

    3. When you're shopping and briefly stop and consider whether you can rationalize your purchase or not.

    4. When you're in between pay periods and playing a game of Russian roulette with your checking account each time you make an unnecessary purchase.*

    5. When your direct deposit hits and all of sudden you forget the promise you made yourself to be "better with my money."

    6. When your favorite store has a sale and all of sudden you feel it would be irresponsible NOT to take advantage of the savings.

    7. When you're done shopping, but not close to the free shipping minimum.

    8. When you choose the free shipping option and now have to wait an eternity to get your fab new purchases.

    9. When all your online orders come in at once and it feels like Christmas morning.

    10. When things look as good on you as they did online and you saved yourself the hassle of having to mail it back.

    11. How even though your closet is full, you really need to pick up a few things to freshen up your look.

    12. When you're at the register and realize that you did the math wrong in your head and that you're spending way more than you anticipated.

    13. When you look at your account balance and are convinced that your debit card information has been stolen, only to realize that all the purchases on there are yours.

    14. When you find something that looks great and realize that it would be smart to have it in every color it comes in.

    15. When you walk out of a store with fewer items than you thought you would buy and feel totally in control.

    16. How shopping for Christmas and birthday gifts is really just an excuse for you to buy yourself things as well.

    17. When you waited too long to buy that ONE item you couldn't stop thinking about and now it's completely sold out online and in stores.

    18. And finally, when you are literally looking for any excuse to go shopping.