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18 Questions '80s Kids Shows Left Unanswered

Seriously, what was really going on between She-Ra and He-Man?

1. On the first episode of ThunderCats, why were the ThunderCats naked?

2. Did they ever explain the absence of Velma and Fred on The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo? Did they hook up and leave together?

3. Also, what happened to Flim-Flam's parents?

4. Why did the kids on You Can't Do That on Television keep eating at the disgusting and very unsanitary Barth's Burgery?! Every sketch revolved around them getting food poisoning.

5. Why didn't Megatron ever fire or kill Starscream? He was pretty open about wanting to overthrow him as of the leader of the Decepticons.

6. On Small Wonder, why didn't anybody suspect that something was off when the Lawson family all of sudden had a 10-year-old daughter?

7. Why was Jerrica OK with Rio cheating on her with her alter ego, Jem? This was not a good message to be sending out to little girls.

8. How did Denver survive living in an egg for 100 million years?!

9. How did the clumsy and incompetent Inspector Gadget keep his job?

10. Did He-Man and She-Ra ever hook up? Yes, I know they were brother and sister, but they seemed really into each other!

11. How did Skeletor's jaw stay on?

12. Why were the Doozers OK with the Fraggles eating their buildings? Why didn't they ever move away?

13. Had Gargamel eaten a Smurf before? He seemed to know that they were delicious.

14. Who was the father of Baby Smurf? Clearly, Smurfette had to be the mother.

15. Also, where did all these other Smurfs come from?

16. Why was a 13-year-old Punky Brewster running a restaurant?

17. Did the Muppet Babies live in an orphanage? None of them seem to have parents.

18. But, the biggest question of them all: WHAT DID NANNY LOOK LIKE?